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Having these amazing CCEP Chiropractors,

November 11, 2018
Dr. Kevin Schreifels started Lyn Lake Chiropractic in 2000 located in Uptown Minneapolis just a few blocks from the four inner city lakes we have in the Minneapolis, which is a Mecca for runners. Anyone that is a runner, or training for a marathon, 1/2 marathon or one of the many 5k or 10k races that Minneapolis offers have ran around these lakes.

 Dr. Kevin Schreifels has finished 12 marathons, at least 10 1/2 marathons and many shorter races.  With his personal experience with Minneapolis running injuries and treating himself he felt with the growing city of athletes it was very important to add two more amazing chiropractors to help with healing our athlete’s.  Lyn Lake Chiropractic is the Official Sponsor of the Twin Cities Marathon for more than 18 years, meaning in 18 years with TCM we have seen and treated many runners.

Quick read more or view full article /> Dr. Ryan Jones and Dr. Travis Shermer are both Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner. 

Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner aka: CCEP -  Dr. Ryan Jones and Dr. Travis Shermer attended postgraduate education in understanding extremities and to better diagnosis and provide better treatment involving each joint. This postgraduate program is very intense with 105 hours , 7 weekend seminars with 7 written tests and then a final practical exam to be certified as a Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner, CCEP.

Many patients that first seek out chiropractic care are looking for help with spine issues, neck pain, upper back pain and lower back pain.  But, once they walk into Lyn Lake Chiropractic and the chiropractors not only surprise our patients with the amazing care we can offer in helping with spine issues, but when they realize we also specialize and are highly trained in helping not only spine issues but extremities issue, these patients feel like they won the lottery.   We usually hear, this is amazing I didn't know chiropractors work on extremities. 

With the combined 20 years in practice and having these amazing CCEP Chiropractors, Lyn Lake Chiropractic know they have the tools to help anyone that walks or limps into our clinic.  We can help with neck pain, back pain, headaches, knee pain, foot pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, TMJ pain and more.

Lyn Lake Chiropractic chiropractors offer Active Release Techniques (ART), Graston Technique, Kinesio Taping - RockTape, dry needling, and other advanced rehabilitation offer better care to our patients. 

We just want to say thank you to Dr. Ryan Jones and Dr. Travis Shermer for all the extra-long hours they have done to better themselves and Lyn Lake Chiropractic in turn helping every patient that comes in our clinics. 

If you are looking for a chiropractic clinic that can help keep you healthy, or help get you back to being healthy give us a call.

Lyn Lake Chiropractic Uptown Minneapolis       Call:  612-879-8000
Lyn Lake Chiropractic Northeast Minneapolis   Call:  612-378-1050
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Helping our community - Caring Bags.

November 8, 2018
Due to the weather changing and it's getting colder outside, we know there's a surplus of people living on the streets and with the encampments we want to help these people by giving.
 Lyn Lake Chiropractic  will be putting together something we call - Caring Bags.

These Caring Bags will allow us to go around the Minneapolis area and hand out to people that need a little hope and help. We're putting many different items in these bags to hand out. Some of the many items will be - hand warmers, tooth paste, tooth brush, warm hats and gloves, snacks, little water bottles and a gift card so they can get something warm to eat and maybe give them a chance to warm up.

If you want to donate something to put in these Caring Bags, just drop it off at either Lyn Quick read more or view full article
Lake Chiropractic Uptown or Lyn Lake Chiropractic Northeast. We just ordered 300 draw string back packs and once they get here (within two weeks), the chiropractors and staff at Lyn Lake Chiropractic will stuff the bags and hit the streets.  If this is a sucess we would like to do more of these Caring Bags all winter.

Just trying to give back and help our community!

If you have any questions please feel free to call our Minneapolis Chiropractic Clinic -
Lyn Lake Chiropractic 612-879-8000
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If you were in a car accident and starting to have symptoms

November 7, 2018

With the weather changing and the roads are getting icy and slippery, there seems to be a number of auto accidents. If you were in a car accident and starting to have symptoms such as whiplash type pain - headaches, neck pain, increased neck pain when you're turning your head or if you have some new odd lower back pain, any of these symptoms could mean it's time to seek out some medical care and just get checked out.

Our Chiropractors at Lyn Lake Chiropractic serving Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota know what it takes to help get you back to how you felt before the car accident.  

Remember when the temperatures drop and there’s ice or snow on the road, allow more time to travel and for sure, keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you, giving you plenty of time to stop.  Quick read more or view full article Always wear your seatbelt. 

Our Minneapolis chiropractors at Lyn Lake Chiropractic are specially trained and have years of experience in treating car accident injuries.  We treat St. Paul Chiropractic patients and surrounding suburbs.  

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please give us a call. 

612-879-8000 Uptown Minneapolis or  612 - 378-1050 Northeast Minneapolis


Lyn Lake Chiropractic Minneapolis, Lyn Lake Chiropractic Northeast Minneapolis and  Lyn Lake Chiropractic St. Paul, Minnesota. 


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Spring Exercises Easy on Your Back

March 24, 2016
Spring Exercises Easy on Your Back

With spring and summer on the horizon, we’ve noticed that many of our Minneapolis chiropractic patients are itching to get outdoors and get more active in the yard, the garden, or to just do more exercise outside in general. While this is good news because our bodies need regular activity in order to stay healthy, if you’ve spent a majority of the winter months indoors and on the couch, then you risk overdoing it if you’re not careful. 

This can easily result in back pain, as well as pain in other areas, which makes knowing which movements are easy on your spine important to enjoying the warmer weather as much as you can. Which ones are those?


Shape Up America, a non-profit organization developed by former Surgeon General, the late Dr. C. Everett Koop, states that if Quick read more or view full article you walk 10,000 steps per day, you’ll be in a better position to avoid weight gain, if not to lose a few of those winter pounds. That’s good news as research has also found that this particular activity is effective at alleviating lower back pain, even if only done two or three times a week for 20 to 40 minutes at a time.


Another way to get outdoors and enjoy the warm, fresh air without doing harm to your back is to get on your bicycle and take a tour around the neighborhood. Grab your family and ride around local houses and businesses, seeing if they’ve changed at all over the winter months. Look for new signs of growth on bushes and trees, signaling that spring is on its way!

Rainy Day Exercises

Of course, we all know that spring is usually synonymous with rain. And while it’s extremely good for the earth, it’s not too helpful for our outdoors exercise program. Fortunately, you can still be active when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating by working out indoors. Some of the best low-impact exercises for your lower back include using the treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, or even doing exercises in the pool should you have access to one at a gym or fitness center.

Ease into these types of activities slowly so you don’t overdo it and cause yourself back pain. Additionally, make sure you contact our Minneapolis chiropractic office Lyn Lake Chiropractic and schedule your next appointment to offer you even more back health benefits!

Our Minneapolis Chiropractors would love to keep you healthy! Read Less

Some Often Unexpected Benefits of Chiropractic Care

March 24, 2016
Some Often Unexpected Benefits of Chiropractic Care

While many of our Minneapolis chiropractic patients come to Lyn Lake Chiropractic for better health in regard to their backs, necks, and extremities, many report that their health has improved in other areas as well thanks to their regular spinal manipulations. Oftentimes, it is in ways that they hadn’t even expected.

Fewer Digestive Issues

If you frequently have a troubled tummy, irritable bowel, or some other type of digestive issue, then chiropractic may help as research has found that chiropractic adjustments to the middle and lower back can help relieve pressure that may be placed on nerves in this region. These are the same nerves responsible for making sure your digestive organs function as they should, resulting in fewer digestive problems for you.

Better Heart Health

Many studies, such as one published in the Quick read more or view full article Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, have discovered that, starting from the very first visit, some chiropractic patients experience a lower heart rate as a result of an adjustment. That makes this form of treatment beneficial to people who struggle with heart-related issues, potentially bringing their stats to normal, healthier ranges.

Improved Reproductive Health

Are you trying to conceive a child, but are having a tough time getting pregnant? The problem may lie with the function of your nervous system, which is what chiropractic is all about improving and enhancing. That’s why reputable agencies and organizations such as the American Pregnancy Association promote chiropractic care with helping diminish fertility issues. And once you do get pregnant, chiropractic is also great for expectant mothers!

More Balance

This issue is a concern for many, especially as we grow older. While strengthening leg muscles, performing balance-based activities like tai chi and dance, and getting adequate sleep are often helpful to diminishing this problem, studies have also found that chiropractic can help as well. One even noted that, in addition to experiencing fewer issues with balance, some chiropractic patients also reported having less dizziness and reduced neck pain. Bonus!

Chiropractic offers many advantages beyond just spinal health. To find out what it can do for you, contact our Minneapolis chiropractic office today and schedule an appointment. Our staff at Lyn Lake Chiropractic will do what we can to help you improve your total body health! Read Less

Chiropractic Good for Your Heart

January 25, 2016
February 14th is a holiday designed specifically to celebrate the love-filled feelings that you have for your spouse, parents, children, and everyone else you hold near and dear to your heart. Well, the staff at Lyn Lake Chiropractic want to make sure all of our Minneapolis patients have hearts that are as healthy as possible, which is why we’d like to share how chiropractic can help with this.

Heart Benefits of Chiropractic
For starters, chiropractic can help lower your heart rate, thus lowering your risk of cardiovascular-related issues like heart attack or stroke. For instance, in one study, each participant was asked to wear a heart monitor before and after a chiropractic session. Researchers found that the individuals’ heart rates decreased slightly post-manipulation. Furthermore, their pain “was reduced significantly” too, which is an added bonus!

Chiropractic has also been found to lower blood pressure, a Quick read more or view full article condition that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports affects one-third of U.S. adults. In fact, one piece of research published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics found that “systolic and diastolic blood pressure decreased significantly” in  individuals who were treated with chiropractic adjustments to their middle back. As a side note, the participants also reported experiencing lower levels of anxiety, again showing how chiropractic offers many benefits physically and mentally.

Improving Heart Health
Of course, there’s more to a healthy heart than engaging in chiropractic care. Therefore, here are some suggestions to help you improve your heart health, courtesy of Harvard Medical School:
  • Get daily physical exercise. Even if you can’t do a lot at the beginning, every little bit counts.
  • Increase your fruit and vegetable intake. Because they’re loaded in vitamins and nutrients, these two food groups can not only help your cardiovascular system, but all of your other bodily systems too.
  • Ease up on sugary drinks. This can help keep your weight in check which is always good for your heart.
  • Take the time to de-stress. Constantly feeling worried about things isn’t beneficial to your heart, so stop every once in a while and breathe or count your blessings to ease the stress on your heart.
If you’d like to see how chiropractic can help you improve the health of your heart (and rest of your body), come see us at Lyn Lake Chiropractic. We’re the Minneapolis chiropractors who care! Read Less

Fun Ways to Increase Spine Health This Winter

November 27, 2015

Fun Ways to Increase Spine Health This Winter 


Most of our Minneapolis chiropractic patients realize that physical activity is important when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight and reducing your risk of disease. However, getting in enough regular movement is also beneficial to your spine. This makes finding fun ways to burn excess energy critical to lessening the chances that you’ll experience back pain, neck pain, or any other issues commonly associated with an inactive and inflexible spinal column. 

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to stay physically active during the winter months if you’re an outdoors person because of the snow and ice we tend to get in this region, but that doesn’t mean that you have to hibernate until Quick read more or view full article spring to benefit your spine either. In fact, there are several fun ways to stay active (and healthy) this colder time of year. 

For instance, although fresh fallen snow may stop you from hitting the trails if you’re concerned about slipping and falling, you can still get in a great workout (and create some amazing memories) by joining your kids or grandkids in building a snowman or a snow fort. You can even use colored water in spray bottles to create a beautiful finished product. 

And if it isn’t the type of snow that packs well, shoveling the walkway or drive can be enjoyable if you prefer to engage in physical activities that also have a purpose. Certainly, it may be easier to pay someone else to do it, but the sense of accomplishment you feel when you look at all of the progress you’ve made is often worth the effort. 

Winter weather is also great for many fun sports ranging from skiing to sledding to ice skating, and more. So, grab the family or a friend and find a local hill or frozen pond and test your skills while having some laughs at the same time. That way, you can stay active this winter AND have fun while doing it, giving you a healthier body and spine. 

Don’t forget to keep up with your chiropractic visits too. Call our Minneapolis Chiropractic Clinic today at (612) 879-8000 to schedule your next appointment with our Minneapolis Chiropractor.

(As a side note: It’s always recommended that you consult with your physician before taking part in any new or higher intensity physical activity than you’re used to in order to ensure that you can do so safely.)

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Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

October 27, 2015

4 Lesser Known Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Although most people consider massage a luxury, something they can enjoy only when they have a spare bit of cash or when they’ve endured a week so stressful that they can’t even think straight, the reality is that massage therapy offers a lot of health benefits. Most aren’t very well-known though, so here are four of them to consider in case you are looking for a good reason to come into our Minneapolis chiropractic office and enjoy a massage (or two):

  1. Reduced anxiety. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America reports that anxiety is one of the top mental issues in the U.S., afflicting roughly 40 million adults and costing over $42 billion annually due largely to repeat doctor visits. However, many studies have found that massage helps lessen feelings of anxiousness, which means that you’ll not only feel Quick read more or view full article better, but you’ll also potentially spend less time in the doctor’s office.


  1. Improved digestion. Johns Hopkins Medicine reports that therapeutic massage is helpful in easing chronic constipation. Therefore, if you find your bathroom time difficult and lengthy, a visit with one of our Minneapolis massage therapists may be just what you need to kind of “get things moving along.”


  1. Fewer headaches. If you suffer from regular, chronic headaches or migraines, research has proven that massage will likely help. In fact, in one study published in the American Journal of Public Health, the participants reported that they experienced fewer headaches after just one week of massage therapy. Furthermore, the headaches that they did have were shorter in duration, so the positive effects were twofold.


  1. Better sleep. When you are stressed and anxious or dealing with some type of physical pain due to an injury, your sleep will likely suffer. Fortunately, because massage helps resolve both anxiety and pain, you’ll probably notice that you have an easier time getting and staying asleep when engaging in regular massage therapy. Sleep has even been found to improve in cancer patients who engage in massage therapy which shows just how powerful this type of therapy is.

If you’re ready to experience these benefits (and more), contact Lyn Lake Chiropractic in Minneapolis at (612) 879-8000 and schedule your appointment today. Your health will thank you!

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Natural Ways to Relieve Headaches

September 29, 2015
5 All-Natural Ways to Relieve Headaches

When your head is pounding, it can feel almost impossible to simply live your life. And even though you have work, home, and family obligations, you may find that the only thing that makes you feel better is lying in bed or on the couch, which may be okay if you only have headaches occasionally. But if you tend to experience head pain more often than not, like some of our Minneapolis chiropractic patients do, then you are probably looking for a better solution.

Certainly, there are a number of medications out there designed to help you relieve your headaches and migraines, but they’re not always the best option. Either the ingredients in them make you feel wired and keep you up all night, or they make you so drowsy that you can’t stay awake long enough to hear about your Quick read more or view full article child’s day when they get home from school. 

So, if you’re looking for some all-natural headache cures that work, here are five to try the next time your head pain strikes:

  • Watch your diet. Certain foods have been found to actually trigger headache and migraine pain, which means that watching your diet can help reduce the number of head pain episodes, as well as lessening their duration and intensity. Some foods and ingredients to watch out for, according to WebMD, include cheeses, food additives such as nitrites and food coloring, Chinese food (thanks to the MSG), chocolate, caffeine, dried fruits, crackers, canned soups, and cold foods like ice cream. It also helps to keep a food diary so you can identify triggers specific to you.
  • Do some stretching exercises. Sometimes headaches are caused due to tight muscles in the neck and shoulder area, which makes loosening them critical to relieving the headache pain. One stretch to try is simply tilting your head from side to side as far as you can. Another involves standing up straight and rolling your shoulders back, bringing your shoulder blades together as close as you can. No matter which type of stretches you do, be sure to use slow and controlled movements so you don’t aggravate the area even further. 
  • Get a massage. If your headaches are due to stress and tension, a massage may be just what you need to help relax your tense muscles and your mind. Here at Lyn Lake Chiropractic, we offer soft tissue and massage therapy services to all of our Minneapolis chiropractic clients, potentially helping you lessen or eliminate your head pain entirely. In the meantime though, don’t be afraid to take a few minutes and give yourself a nice, soothing temple or neck massage. It may just release some of the pain and make you feel a better almost instantly.
  • Take peppermint oil and rub it on your forehead and temples. One study published in a German health publication found that, when compared to a placebo, individuals who took two peppermint oil capsules (each one containing 10 grams of 10% peppermint oil) and also spread some of the oil on their temples and foreheads experienced greater levels of relief in just 15 minutes time, with the positive effects lasting an hour later. This is definitely a great all-natural way to say goodbye to your head pain.
  • Engage in regular chiropractic care. Of course, we would be totally remiss if we didn’t tell you how great engaging in regular chiropractic care can be for easing your chronic headache pain. If your headaches are due to tension, they typically respond well to chiropractic since these particular types of headaches are often caused by subluxations (misalignments) in your neck area. Even migraines symptoms can lessen with chiropractic care, as one study conducted by a doctor at Macquarie University revealed that 22% of chiropractic patients experienced a “substantial reduction” in migraine symptoms as a result of treatment, with an additional 50% reporting “quite noticeable improvement.”

If you suffer from frequent headaches, make an appointment at Lyn Lake Chiropractic today. Our Minneapolis chiropractors will do what we can to help you relieve, and possibly even eliminate, all of your head-related pain!

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4 Simple Ways to Ease Back Pain

September 29, 2015

4 Simple Ways to Ease (Or Even Eliminate) Your Back Pain

Although our Minneapolis chiropractic patients experience a number of positive benefits from regular spinal manipulations, back pain is definitely one of the top reasons they keep coming through our door. In fact, the World Health Organization estimates that roughly 60-70% of all people will experience this type of pain at some point in their lives, hitting the 35-55 year old age group the hardest. 

What can you do to help ease or even eliminate your back pain if you fall somewhere in these all-too-high ranges? Here are four options to consider:

  • Get and stay active. Some people with back pain shy away from physical exercise, but oftentimes this type of pain can be lessened simply by moving about more. Worried it is going to make the pain worse instead of better? Don’t be. Research confirms Quick read more or view full article that “exercise is safe for individuals with back pain.” Just don’t overdo it and you’ll be fine.
  • Watch your posture. If you’re slouching or otherwise have poor posture, you could easily be making your back pain worse. Instead, stay aware of your form and keep your head facing forward, your shoulders down and back, and your pelvis slightly tilted and you’ll likely feel better because of it.
  • Limit your texting time. Dr. Kenneth K. Hansraj, Chief of Spine Surgery at New York Spine Surgery & Rehabilitation Medicine conducted a study to determine the effect that constantly having your head tilted forward (like when texting) has on the spine. What he found was that just leaning your head forward 15 degrees more than doubled the weight of your head on your spinal column. Tilt your head 60 degrees and it’s like having a 60 pound head. No wonder too much texting makes your neck and upper back hurt!
  • Buy a new mattress. When your mattress is broken down from years of use, then buying a new one can potentially help you get rid of your back pain. Be sure to choose one that supports your spine best, and if you’re not sure which one that would be, ask us and we’ll be glad to give you some pointers so you find the right one for you!

Do these four things, in addition to regular visits to Lyn Lake Chiropractic, your Minneapolis chiropractor, and it will increase the likelihood that your back pain will become a thing of the past!

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Our Minneapolis Chiropractors Can

September 29, 2015

3 Ways Our Minneapolis Chiropractors Can Help You Improve Your Child’s Health and Wellness


As a parent, your child’s health and wellness is probably one of your most important priorities, if not the top one on your list. Well, the doctors and staff at Lyn Lake Chiropractic feel the same as we want all of our Minneapolis chiropractic patients—no matter how young they are—to experience the highest level of health possible. 

Quick read more or view full article initial;">What types of benefits does chiropractic care have to offer children? Here are three to consider…

Ease of Asthma Symptoms

The American Lung Association reports that “asthma is one of the most common chronic disorders in children, currently affecting an estimated 7.1 million children under 18 years.” Furthermore, asthma can actually result in death if not managed properly, which makes addressing this particular condition critical to not only your child’s quality of life, but their life period. Fortunately, chiropractic can help and research confirms it.

For example, one case study involved a 7-year-old male child who had suffered with asthma since he was only five months old. In fact, between his asthma, allergies, and frequent colds, this poor kid missed school at least once a month if not more and, as a result, often found himself sitting in the doctor’s office instead of the classroom. However, after just two weeks of chiropractic care, he was able to go off his asthma medication completely. Plus, he went an entire school year without missing any days due to illness, showing just how positive the chiropractic treatments were on him as a whole.  

Improvement in Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Symptoms

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost 10% of children between the ages of 3 and 17 are diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD for short. This equates to roughly six million children in the United States, with young boys being diagnosed almost three times more often than girls. If your child falls into these numbers and has been diagnosed with ADHD, then it is possible that chiropractic care in our Minneapolis chiropractic office can help alleviate some of the symptoms. 

For instance, in one study published in Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing, four young boys between the ages of 9 and 13 with ADHD were assessed during a course of chiropractic treatment. Based on feedback from parents, teachers, and the boys themselves, researchers concluded that chiropractic resulted in “improvement in ADHD symptoms (ie, hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattentiveness, as well as behavioral, social, or emotional difficulties).” Just imagine what this could do for your child’s achievement levels both personally and academically!

Fewer Learning and Behavioral Issues

When improving a child’s health and wellness, we would be remiss if we didn’t talk about learning and behavioral issues. After all, sometimes neurological issues can cause problems in these particular areas, which can ultimately lower your child’s quality of life as it negatively affects their ability to learn, stress levels at home, and so much more. One way to help lessen these effects is to have your child engage in regular chiropractic care. What can chiropractic do for a child behaviorally?

Well, one particular study set out to answer that question, so researchers decided to look at what effect, if any, chiropractic had on learning impaired students. They did this by splitting a group of 24 students into two, with one-half of the young participants engaging in chiropractic and the other half receiving no treatment at all. Here are just a few of the positive results achieved by some of the group members who had chiropractic treatments:

  • One high school student went from failing three different classes to passing all of them, switched from having low morale to being highly motivated,  and even became coordinated enough to become involved in athletics…all while eliminating all medications.


  • Another high school student who was taking Ritalin was also able to stop taking this particular medication, all while experiencing gains in both reading comprehension and speed.


  • Yet another student who was in elementary school was able to be taken off medications as well, receiving other benefits from the chiropractic care such as a reported better attitude, higher academic grades, and fewer behavioral problems.

There are many reasons chiropractic is great for improving children’s health and these are just three. To see what our Lyn Lake Chiropractic Minneapolis chiropractors can do for your child, call and schedule an appointment today. Their health is our priority!

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Lyn Lake Chiropractic Official Chiropractor of Twin Cities Marathon

September 17, 2015

Lyn Lake Chiropractic is Proud to be the Official Chiropractor of Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon!


If you’re going to the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon, “the most beautiful urban marathon in America,” on October 4th, make sure you look us up because
Lyn Lake Chiropractic, home of your trusted Minneapolis chiropractors, is the official chiropractor of the race!

We love the Medtronic Twin Quick read more or view full article Cities Marathon because it is the perfect event for the beginner and novice runner alike. Plus, it offers many wonderful perks such as free transportation from various areas in and around Minneapolis and Saint Paul, a special little gift for all of the runners to remember this particular accomplishment, and blankets and beer at the finish line. Does it get any better than that?

So, what is our role in all of this?

Chiropractic and Marathon Running

When it comes to running, there are some pretty common injuries that can occur, such as:

  • Shin splints – tightness or pain in the lower leg
  • Achilles tendonitis – achiness or shooting pain in the heel area
  • Stress fracture – pain in the lower leg, often confused with shin splints
  • Runners knee – pain in and around the kneecap
  • Plantar Fasciitis – tightness or pain on the bottom of the foot and/or heel area

Fortunately, chiropractic has been proven to be an effective treatment remedy for all of these conditions. For instance, one of the techniques we use for a lot of our Minneapolis chiropractic patients who run is called the Graston Technique. The Graston Technique involves taking one of six specially designed stainless steel instruments and moving it expertly to reach the injured area and relieve the issue causing the pain and discomfort.

We also offer RockTape which is a type of kinesiology tape that a number of runners use to help prevent or relieve common running injuries. It contains no latex so it is safe for people with allergies, and it also helps boost performance, so if you’re looking for a little edge, RockTape may help!

A Couple Quick Tips for Reducing Running Injuries

If you’re running in the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon on October 4th, our Minneapolis chiropractors would love to see you! However, we also want to help you stay injury free, so make sure you stretch beforehand, run with good posture, and keep your gait so your foot isn’t overstepping your knee.

See you at the race…and good luck! Lake Chiropractic - Runners helping Runners!

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Minneapolis Chiropractic Reviews

April 8, 2015
We get so many fun reviews from our patients I thought I would share.  I found these on Google, Yelp, Yahoo and Bing.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to write something positive about Lyn Lake Chiropractic.

Stuart T.  Google
I went to Lyn Lake Chiropractic after I moved to the Cities from Quick read more or view full article out of state. I have a long-standing back issue that goes back years. The staff is exceptional, friendly, and professional. I haven't had such a wonderful experience in a chiropractic office before. Dr. Steve got me feeling good and I actually can go about two months before my back was feeling rough again. With my old chiropractor, my back was feeling rough within a month, sometimes every two weeks. So it's a much better experience at Lyn Lake Chiropractic. I'd recommend them to anyone.

Meredith L. Google
I have gone to chiropractice clinics since a childhood car accident, and this is the best clinic I've attended. They are flexible with scheduling, and their care is top notch. The staff is so professional and kind. Cannot recommend this clinic highly enough.

bikic  - Google
Dr. Kevin Schreifels and his staff actually care. They are professional but friendly and will always welcome you with a smile. I have been referred to them after my car accident almost two months ago and they took really good care of me. They are irreplaceable! Strongly recommend it!

Thank goodness for Ryan. I slept through the entire night last night for the first time in a week and a half! He is just the best. 

I grew up kind of against chiropractors as my mom thought they were "hacks" so I never went until my mid-20s when I started working out a lot and spending a LOT of time in my car as an outside sales rep. I searched on Yelp and found Lyn Lake Chiropractic. I was hooked from my first experience.

Their care model is one I fully support and love that they don't just rush through everything to get you out the door quickly. You get e-stim, a massage, and then a full adjustment plus Graston/ultrasound/additional therapies if necessary. Ryan specifically has been amazing to work with and every single time I see him I walk out feeling 5x better than when I arrived.

I definitely recommend these guys, espeically for athletes that do work on their bodies. If you are on the fence about trying chiropractic work definitely come to Ryan and he will get you hooked :)

Dr. Kevin is one awesome dude. My first visit was a walk in and he adjusted 45 minutes after he closed. Very professional, very knowledgable, definitely knows his stuff. He snapped my body around and made me feel awesome. He's very approachable, and easy to talk to . I will definitely be back there!

Lyn Lake Chiropractic wants to say Thanks to our amazing patients. Minneapolis, MN 55408
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Dr Kevin Schreifels is part of the first group of Advocates.

June 17, 2014
We are proud to announce that Dr. Kevin Schreifels Chiropractor at Lyn Lake Chiropractic has been chosen to serve as a Social Advocate for the American Red Cross! This is a new initiative with the Red Cross and Dr Kevin Schreifels is part of the first group of Advocates

Dr Kevin Schreifels a Minneapolis Chiropractor at  Lyn Quick read more or view full article Lake Chiropractic will be promoting and talking about all the great things the #RedCrossdoes for our community and will attend the American Red Cross Northern Minnesota Region #HeroBreakfast  to share the amazing stories of local #Minnesota Heroes!

Follow the hashtag #MNHeroes14 to learn more on all social channels!

Minneapolis Chiropractic Clinic, 55408

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Dr. Kevin Schreifels is the Owner of Lyn Lake Chiropractic, the Official Chiropractor for the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon, Clinical Faculty of Northwestern Health Science University, Guest Lecturer at the University of Minnesota on running injuries and prevention, and Blogger on health issues and prevention.

Kevin has run more than 10 marathons, 10K’s and triathalons, and has raced with the Kenwood Cycling Team. His first date with his wife was a run around Lake Harriet. He’s a father of 3 beautiful girls and everyone that knows his family knows that on any given day or weekend they are all either running around the lakes, biking or skiing. Kevin spends a great deal of volunteering at local schools, running clubs and businesses educating people about health and awareness.

Follow Kevin on Twitter: @lynlakechiros

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Minneapolis Chiropractic Care for Neck pain

June 12, 2014

Minneapolis Chiropractic Care for Neck pain is a non-surgical treatment option that can help reduce your neck pain symptoms.

Some neck conditions that can improve with chiropractic care are:

  • cervical intervertebral disc injuries that don’t require surgery
  • cervical sprain injuries
  • degenerative joint syndrome of the neck
  • facet joint sprain
  • Whiplash

How Does a Chiropractor Diagnose Neck Pain?

Your chiropractor will evaluate your spine as a whole because other regions of the spine may be affected as well—not just your neck. Along with treating the spine as a whole, Minneapolis chiropractors at Lyn Lake Chiropractic treat the “whole person,” not just your specific symptoms. 

Before deciding which approach to try for your pain, the our chiropractor will do a thorough examination to diagnose the specific cause of your neck pain.

He will determine any areas of restricted movement and will look at how you walk as well as your overall posture and spinal alignment. Doing these things can help your chiropractor understand your Quick read more or view full article body mechanics.

In addition to the physical exam, you’ll also go through your past medical history with the chiropractor, and he or she may take x-rays or order imaging tests (eg, an x-ray or MRI) to help him or her diagnose the exact cause of your neck pain.

All these steps in the diagnostic process will give your chiropractor more information about your neck pain, which will help your chiropractor create a treatment plan customized for you.

Your chiropractor will also rule out a neck pain condition that will require surgery—if he or she believes your neck pain would be better treated by surgery, then you’ll be referred to a spine surgeon.

Chiropractic Treatments:

Your chiropractor may use a combination of spinal manipulation, manual therapy, and other techniques as part of your treatment plan for neck pain.

Below are some spinal manipulation techniques your chiropractor may use.

  • Flexion-distraction technique is a gentle, hands-on spinal manipulation that involves a pumping action on the intervertebral disc instead of direct force.
  • Instrument-assisted manipulation also known as Activator - a hand-held instrument to allow your chiropractor to apply force without thrusting into the spine.
  • Specific spinal manipulation helps restore joint movement using a gentle thrusting technique.

Your chiropractor may also use manual therapies to treat your neck pain to help relax your muscles, relieve muscle spasm and hopefully relieve your pain.

  • Graston or Active Release Techinque ( ART ) uses special instruments to diagnose and treat muscle tension which helps resore injured muscles, tendons and ligaments. 
  • Manual joint stretching and resistance techniques can help reduce neck pain and other symptoms.
  • Therapeutic massage can help relax tense muscles.
  • Trigger point therapy is used to reduce tight, painful points on a muscle.

Other therapies may also be used to ease neck pain symptoms.

Therapeutic exercises may also be recommended—these can help improve overall range of motion in your neck and prevent neck pain from progressing.

The treatments listed above are simply examples of possible chiropractic treatments for neck pain; your actual treatment plan will depend on your diagnosis. Your chiropractor should thoroughly explain your treatment options so that you know what will happen. If you have any questions please always feel free to ask questions and ask you chiropractor doing the exam to explain what and why they are deciding on your treatment plan or options.

Most chiropractors are there to help people and enjoy making people feel better with working with your body.  If needed medication and pain meds might be needed, conatct your medical doctor but for sure follow up with a chiropractor or P.T. to correct what is causing your pain.

If your reading this blog or posting and would like a Free Consulation at  Lyn Lake Chiropractic please call anytime 612-879-8000.  Or if you would like us to help refer you to a chiropractor in your area, call us we will help find you a chiropractor near your home.

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Most women have found that chiropractic care helpe

September 12, 2011
Are you looking for an event that offers genuine interaction,
connectedness and community?

Quick read more or view full article 0px; border-top-width: 0px; border-right-width: 0px; border-bottom-width: 0px; border-left-width: 0px; border-style: initial; border-color: initial; outline-width: 0px; outline-style: initial; outline-color: initial; font-size: 15px; vertical-align: baseline; background-image: initial; background-attachment: initial; background-origin: initial; background-clip: initial; background-color: transparent; text-align: center; "> Join other expecting and new moms as they connect with companies that support their lifestyles and family transitions.

The first annual My Healthy Beginning Experience will take place on September 24th from 10am-6pm and September 25th from 10am-5pm at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

Join other expecting and new moms as they connect with companies that support their lifestyles and family transitions.

The first annual My Healthy Beginning Experience will take place on September 24th from 10am-6pm and September 25th from 10am-5pm at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

Here are just a few of things you can expect from the My Healthy Beginning Experience:

  • An interactive, entertaining stage and lots of comfortable seating
  • A private space for breastfeeding moms who prefer not to nurse in public
  • Plenty of fun, age-appropriate activities for the littles in your life!
  • Friendly, supportive, informative exhibitors to answer all your questions about what’s what in the world of pregnancy, birth early childhood.
  • PLUS: Help us donate 5,000 pounds of food to to help MN mamas feed their families! Get $1 off your admission fee of $6 (12 and under FREE!) by bringing along a non perishable nutritious food item for our Second Harvest Heartland food drive!  We will also accept: diapers, wipes, and baby food in cardboard or plastic packaging (No GLASS please!)


What will you take away from the My Healthy Beginning Experience?



* Peace of mind about your parenting style

* Inspiration to make a difference in your family’s life

* A sense of empowerment from what your community has to offer you!

Lyn Lake Chiropractic are proud partners with Mommy's Connections in Burnsville Minnesota.
"Most women have found that chiropractic care helped them avoid the use of pain medications during their pregnancy, and studies have shown that chiropractic adjustments help to reduce time in labor.  Read more......

Call for a free consultation!  Minneapolis Chiropractic Clinic 612-879-8000




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Check out something super cool on our website.

June 30, 2011
Please take a second and click on this link, it'll take you to google and just click on Lyn Lake Chiropractic web listing, and check out something super cool on our website.

But you need to go through the google ( minneapolis chiropractic ) to see this cool new website feature! Thanks... Just click on this link to google!

Thanks for checking!

Whiplash Minneapolis - Lyn Lake Chiropractic

May 24, 2011
Did you know Lyn Lake Chiropractic Specializes in treating whiplash injuries. Due to Lyn Lake Chiropractic chiropractors are the Official Chiropractors of The Twin Cities Marathon and specialize in treating running injuries. People don't know we do Specialize in treating car accident injuries, whiplash injuries and bicycle accidents.

Whiplash Injuries Minneapolis - Auto Accidents MN. Our Chiropractors are Here to Give You Pain Relief!

Whiplash injury occurs when the body reacts to a deceleration or acceleration force by hyperflexion or hyperextension of the neck. Lyn Lake Chiropractic Clinic specializes in treating whiplash injuries, auto accident injuries and bicycle accident injuries. Whiplash injuries are very common in car accidents. Whiplash injuries occur, in part, due to the fact that the muscles do not have enough time to brace themselves.

If you have been involved in a car accident, whiplash injuries Quick read more or view full article need to be taken very seriously. Because symptoms of a whiplash injury can take weeks or even months to manifest, it is easy to be fooled into thinking that you are not as seriously injured as you really are. Symptoms from a car accident and whiplash can include anything from radiating pain into the shoulder, elbow pain, wrist pain or hand pain, lower back pain, headaches and more.

Injuries from Whiplash Trauma
Whiplash injuries can manifest themselves in a wide variety of ways, including neck pain, headaches, fatigue, upper back and shoulder pain, and low back pain. Due to the fact that numerous factors play into the overall whiplash trauma, such as direction of impact, speed of the vehicles involved, as well as sex, age and physical condition, whiplash symptoms commonly have a delayed onset, often taking weeks or months to become evident.

A number of conditions those who have suffered from whiplash trauma experience include:

Neck pain
Neck pain is the single most common complaint reported by our patients who have experienced whiplash trama. Often the pain radiates across the shoulders, up into the head, and down between the shoulder blades. Whiplash injuries tend to affect all of the tissues in the neck, including the facet joints and discs between the vertebrae, as well as all of the muscles, ligaments and nerves.

Disc injury is also a common cause of neck pain, especially chronic pain. The outer wall of the disc can be torn during a whiplash trauma.

After neck pain, headaches are the second most common complaint from those suffering from whiplash injury. While some headaches are actually the result of direct brain injury, most are related to injury of the muscles, ligaments and facet joints of the cervical spine, which refer pain to the head.

TMJ pain
A less common, but very debilitating disorder that results from whiplash, is temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ). TMJ usually begins as pain along with clicking and popping noises in the jaw during movement. Our Minneapolis chiropractors at Lyn Lake Chiropractic are specially trained to treat TMJ problems. If we think you need additional care, we will refer you to a TMJ specialist outside our Minneapolis chiropractic clinic.

Lower back pain
Most people consider whiplash to be an injury of the neck. However, the lower back is also commonly injured as well. In fact, low back pain is found in more than half of rear impact-collisions in which injury was reported, and almost three-quarters of all side-impact crashes. This is mostly due to the fact that the low back still experiences a tremendous compression.

Healing from Whiplash Injury
With proper care, many mild whiplash injuries heal within six to nine months. Whiplash is a unique condition that requires the expertise of a skilled health professional specially trained to work with these types of injuries. The most effective treatment for whiplash injuries is a combination of Minneapolis chiropractic care and rehabilitation of the soft tissues .

Chiropractic Care
Chiropractic care utilizes manual manipulation of the spine to restore the normal movement and position of the spinal vertebrae. It is by far, the single-most effective treatment for minimizing the long-term impact of whiplash injuries, especially when coupled with massage therapy, trigger point therapy, exercise rehabilitation and other soft tissue rehabilitation modalities by Minneapolis chiropractors at Lyn Lake Chiropractic.

If you or someone you know has been in an auto accident, please get checked out by a good chiropractor!  We always recomend you to see your Medical Doctor and a Chiropractor since they both offer something different that can help you.

If needed we will refer you to other healthcare providers - Neurologist, Orthopedist and more.  When you come to Lyn Lake Chiropractic we'll make sure you get the best care possible. Read our testimonies for more reference either online with Google or checkout our testimonies on our website.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us anytime at 612-879-8000, we do have a 24/7 answering service.  If needed they will contact the chiropractors anytime to call you back.

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Website to Better Serve Minneapolis, MN

February 3, 2011
Lyn Lake Chiropractic Launches New Website to Better Serve Minneapolis, MN

Lyn Lake Chiropractic announces the launch of their new Minneapolis, MN Website. With improved functionality, additional information and more interactive features, they hope to better serve their patients and provide them with the resources they need to make informed decisions regarding their health and wellness.

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) February 3, 2011

Lyn Lake Chiropractic has launched a new Website to better serve the Minneapolis, MN community and their patients. In addition to providing helpful information on common chiropractic injuries and treatments, the updated site features a regularly maintained blog, FAQ section and links to resourceful articles.

For over ten years, the chiropractors at Lyn Lake have been committed to providing breakthrough pain treatment. Their goal is to relieve pain and discomfort and help patients maintain a comfortable, productive and healthy lifestyle. From chronic back and neck pain, to whiplash and auto accident Quick read more or view full article injuries, they utilize cutting edge technology and techniques to help patients achieve maximum results.

“We have always strived to stay up to date with the best technology and practices in our industry,” says Dr. Kevin Schreifels, Doctor of Chiropractic and owner of Lyn Lake Chiropractic. “We see the new site as a way for us to better explain some of the common sources of pain that people experience as well as answer many of the questions they may have before they visit the clinic.”

In addition to being informative, now offers links to their Twitter, Facebook and YouTube profiles. “We want to provide our patients with as much information as possible, in the format that they prefer.

Whether they want to post on our Facebook page, or ask us a question through our Online form, we believe that it’s important to provide a means for a two-way interaction,” says Schreifels. “We would love the opportunity to treat the people who visit the site. But ultimately, we want to provide the community with a resource to help them make informed decisions about their health."

Lyn Lake Chiropractic clinic has a talented team of experienced chiropractors, massage therapists and personal trainers. They also offer a breadth of other services such as chiropractic for children and the elderly, chiropractic for pregnant women, treatments for headaches, running injuries, sports injuries, and other special add-on services such as nutritional counseling, lifestyle advice, and massage therapy.

To schedule your free consultation call the clinic’s 24-hour answering service at (612) 879-8000 or visit Lyn Lake Chiropractic at 2937 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis MN. The clinic also accepts walk-ins and “just driving by” appointments.

For more information about Lyn Lake Chiropractic visit or take a virtual tour of the clinic at Read Less

Snow Shoveling Is Leading Cause Of Back pain

December 20, 2010
Snow Shoveling Is Leading Cause Of Their Winter Back Pain

A majority of physicians say that back pain is a year-round phenomenon. However, nearly half (45 percent) of primary care physicians, who report seeing more back pain sufferers during winter than any other time of the year, say patients cite snow shoveling as the primary cause of their winter back woes.

One quarter (27 percent) of primary care physicians note that patients frequently point to lifting, bending/leaning or twisting - activities generally associated with snow shoveling - as the causes of their back pain or muscle spasm.

Shoveling snow need not result in back pain and sore muscles, according to Lyn Lake Chiropractic Minneapolis Chiropractors.

Many people will likely be out shoveling in the next few days, if the forecast for heavy snow today and Saturday is correct. Even people with snow blowers might need to shovel some areas if more than Quick read more or view full article a foot of snowfalls.

"The first thing is to get the right shovel," said Dr. Kevin Schreifels, a chiropractor with Lyn Lake Chiropractic Clinic. Most hardware stores and home improvement stores sell ergonomically correct snow shovels.

"The equipment that you use is just as important as your body," he said. The old metal shovels are stiff, heavy and uncomfortable.

He recommended that the shovel have a handle that can extend to different lengths, to accommodate people of different sizes. Most new shovels are made of lightweight plastic that curves to hold the snow.

For the actual shoveling, Lyn Lake Chiropractic recommends pacing. "Take frequent breaks, and drink plenty of water to hydrate."

Eating and smoking before shoveling is not wise. Caffeine or other stimulants can also endanger the heart, when combined with strenuous shoveling. Lyn Lake Chiropractic suggests waiting until after you shovel to drink any caffeinated beverage.

They recommend holding the shovel in both hands with some distance between the hands to get leverage. When shoveling, maintain a good posture, allowing for the natural curve of the spine. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart.

"Shovel close to the body, bend at the knees and lift with your legs," Schreifels said. He also recommended tightening the abdominal muscles to engage the body's strong core, which will keep the weight of the snow off the weaker back muscles.

"Dump the snow in front of you," he said. "Don't twist. Move your feet if you have to move the snow to the side. Scoop small amounts."

Keep up with the snow, he said. Don't wait until the snowfall has ended to start shoveling. "It's better to get out there as it comes," he said. Fresh snow is lighter.

Even people with snow blowers can be injured. "They push it too hard," he said. "They try to push it to go faster." They end up with acute low back pain.

After a big snowfall, he said, patients often come into their office with back and shoulder injuries.

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, “If you must lift the snow, lift it properly. Squat with your legs apart, knees bent and back straight. Lift with your legs. Do not bend at the waist. Scoop small amounts of snow into the shovel and walk to where you want to dump it. Holding a shovelful of snow with your arms outstretched puts too much weight on your spine. Never remove deep snow all at once; do it piecemeal. Shovel and inch or two; then take another inch off. Rest and repeat if necessary.”

Lyn Lake Chiropractic wants you to be safe this winter and take your time shoveling since Minneapolis has been getting a great deal of snow so far this year. The last 17 inch snow fall Lyn Lake Chiropractic seen many lower back pain injuries from snow removal and would just like to remind you to take your time. If you have any chest pain, please stop immediately and call 911, better safe than sorry!

If you want to learn more healthy living tips, you can visit the Lyn Lake Chiropractic Website at

Comment: James W. - December 11th, 2010

Great information! My dad injured his lower back shoveling snow about 15 years ago. He tried pain pills for a month (marginal improvement) before going to see the Chiropractor. After just a few adjustments, his low back pain went away completely! He now uses Chiropractic on a regular basis to prevent future injuries! Read Less

Get in Gear Race Saturday, April 24, 2010

March 28, 2010
Get in Gear
33rd Annual Rite of Spring!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lyn Lake Chiropractic is a proud supporter of the 33rd Annual Rite of Spring Get in Gear Race. Being the Official Chiropractors for the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon we feel this race is the kick off for the running season in Minnesota.

We have seen many runner's already getting ready for the Get in Gear, Boston Marathon and many more races. Runners elite to beginners use the Get in Gear Race as a starting point to determine if they need to train harder and faster for more races to come.

While you're training and racing, remember to keep your body running as efficient as possible with having regular chiropractic care. If start to have any pain or discomfort ie: knee pain, foot Quick read more or view full article pain, achilles pain, shin splints, hip pain or lower back pain - when you start increasing your milage and/or speed workouts, get treated as soon as possible to avoid injuries that could stop you from training or racing this spring or summer.

Patients ask us when do you know if you need medical treatment? Our answer is when you start to have any pain. You shouldn't have any pain while running. Pain is the signal from the body telling you there's something wrong and you need to address this now, not later. Lyn Lake Chiropractic offer Free Consultation, use this consultation so we can help you determine if you need treatment.

Get in Gear is the Largest 10K in Minnesota.
Be apart of this awesome race!
You have many different races to pick from.

Runner Info:

Saturday, April 24, 2010
10K Run, 5K Run/Walk, 2K Fun Run & 1/2 Marathon


4801 Minnehaha Ave. South, Minneapolis, MN 55417

Start Times:
2K & FFF 2K: 8:00a.m.
10K & Half-Marathon: 9:00a.m.
(Note: Three hour limit. Roads open to public at Noon.)
5K: 9:20a.m.

       Online Registration deadline 11:59pm, Thursday, April 22, 2010    
 Corporate Online Registration deadline April 16, 2010       
 Fit-For-Fun Online Registration deadline April 16, 2010

If you have any questions please contact Get in Gear Read Less

Achilles tendonitis treated by Chiropractors!

March 21, 2010
Achilles tendonitis
Definition: Inflammation of the Achilles tendon.The Achilles is the large tendon connecting the two major calf muscles, gastrocnemius and soleus, to the back of the heel bone. Under too much stress, the tendon tightens and is forced to work too hard. This causes it to become inflamed (that is tendinitis), and, over time, can produce a

covering of scar tissue, which is less flexible than the tendon. If the inflamed Achilles continues to be stressed, it can tear or rupture.

Symptoms:?Dull or sharp pain anywhere along the back of the tendon, but usually close to the heel. limited ankle flexibility redness or heat over the painful area a nodule (a lumpy build-up of scar tissue) that can be felt on the tendon a cracking sound (scar tissue rubbing against tendon) with ankle movement.
Causes:?Tight or fatigued calf muscles, which transfer the burden of running to the Achilles. This can be due to poor Quick read more or view full article stretching, rapidly increasing distance, or over-training excessive hill running or speed work, both of which stress the Achilles more than other types of running.?Inflexible running shoes, which, in some cases, may force the Achilles to twist. ?Runners who overpronate (feet rotate too far inward on impact) are most susceptible to Achilles tendinitis.

You might even have an imbalance with your hips, pelvis or lower back that can cause you to be uneven. It's like having one of your four tires low on air, and if you think about it. There's about 1200 steps in a mile while you run, if one side of your body is higher or lower. Wear and tear will happen and could cause some symptoms.

Lyn Lake Chiropractic enjoy treating runners, since all our Minneapolis Chiropractors at Lyn Lake Chiropractic are runners. Runners treating Runners! Lyn Lake Chiropractic has great success with treating Achilles tendonitis. Our high tech therapies such as Ultrasound, Laser Therapy, Game Ready Ice Compression Therapy, Graston and A.R.T. Techniques, Kinseio Taping and adjusting.

Lyn Lake Chiropractic don't just adjust your extremities but will take a Digital X-ray of your Low Back, hips and pelvis to see why your getting these type of symptoms. Check out our website at
www. or call for a Free Consultation on how we can help keep you
running pain-free! Read Less

Fight For Air Climb - February 27, 2010

February 27, 2010
Fight For Air Climb - February 27, 2010

Lyn Lake Chiropractic our Minneapolis Chiropractors are proud sponsors of the Fight For Air Climb. We'll be here today. We'll provide Massage Therapist, Personal Trainers and Chiropractors to help you make it to the top. We will support you and your friends and family by being here today. See you at the Top!


It's more than a walk, it's more than a run...go vertical for a unique challenge!
The Fight For Air CLIMB is a unique fundraising event for the American Lung Association. Sometimes called a "vertical road race" participants can use the event as a fitness target or as race. Climbers can enjoy the personal challenge or race against other climbers. In either case it's a great way to be active.
Individuals and teams race, run or walk up the 660 steps to reach the top of the Accenture Tower. Create Quick read more or view full article a team of friends, family or co-workers and compete together. This event is a great way to challenge yourself - whether your goal is just to reach the top or to be the first to cross the finish line - you will walk away with a newfound respect for your lungs!

The American Lung Association's climbs are a wonderful way to support someone who has lung disease or as a memorial to someone who has passed away.
The mission of the American Lung Association is to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease. With your generous support, the American Lung Association is "Fighting for Air" through research, education and advocacy. Read Less

Press Releases for February 4, 2010 Lyn Lake Chir

February 4, 2010
All Press Releases for February 4, 2010 Subscribe to this News Feed

Chiropractors at Lyn Lake Chiropractic Clinic Provide Minneapolis, MN, Resource As Official ASK THE EXPERTS Sponsor

Lyn Lake Chiropractic, located in Minneapolis, MN, has become an official sponsor of’s ASK THE EXPERTS Online consumer resource. Their chiropractors now provide information and answer questions about common chiropractic topics ranging from back and neck pain to massage therapy and sports injuries for residents of Hennepin and Ramsey Counties.

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) February 4, 2010 -- Lyn Lake Chiropractic clinic has become an official sponsor of 's ASK THE EXPERTS, providing people in the Minneapolis, MN, and surrounding twin cities metro area with valuable information on common chiropractic topics and questions.

We are proud to be able to partner with such a respected media outlet as Fox to provide people in the Minneapolis area with the information they need Quick read more or view full article to make informed decisions regarding their health and wellness ASK THE EXPERT was developed in 1995 to provide consumers with access to information in the areas of health, legal, financial, and home improvement. Currently, more than 50 media outlets across the country bring consumers this relevant information on over 100 topics. ASK THE EXPERTS is a community resource that is free to consumers thanks to local sponsorship from businesses such as Lyn Lake Chiropractic.
“We are proud to be able to partner with such a respected media outlet as Fox to provide people in the Minneapolis area with the information they need to make informed decisions regarding their health and wellness,” says Dr. Kevin Schreifels, Doctor of Chiropractic and owner of Lyn Lake Chiropractic. “We know that many people in the community trust ASK THE EXPERTS to answer questions they have about important life topics and feel that our years of experience allow us to offer valuable chiropractic insights.”

Lyn Lake chiropractic currently provides information on general chiropractic care, back pain, neck pain, auto accident injuries, headaches, sports injuries, pain management and massage therapy for Hennepin County and Ramsey County. Consumers can also submit questions to Lyn Lake’s team of chiropractors directly via ASK THE EXPERTS’ online e-mail form.

“Lyn Lake Chiropractic clinic emphasizes improving your health in an effort to reduce the risk of pain and illness,” says Schreifels. “We hope that the information we provide through ASK THE EXPERTS helps people find pain relief and tips for avoiding injuries in the first place.”

Lyn Lake Chiropractic clinic has a talented team of experienced chiropractors, massage therapists and personal trainers. They also offer a breadth of other services such as chiropractic for children and the elderly, chiropractic for pregnant women, treatments for headaches, running injuries, sports injuries, and other special add-on services such as nutritional counseling, lifestyle advice, and massage therapy.

To schedule your free consultation call the clinic’s 24-hour answering service at (612) 879-8000 or visit Lyn Lake Chiropractic at 2937 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis MN. The clinic also accepts walk-ins and “just driving by” appointments.

For more information about Lyn Lake Chiropractic visit Read Less

Tips From a Minneapolis Chiropractor

January 15, 2010
Top Tips From a Minneapolis Chiropractor

What height should my chair be at? Should I really sleep with a pillow between my legs? Lyn Lake Chiropractic, Our Minneapolis Chiropractors answers the most common questions that chiropractors are asked.

What type of mattress do you advise people get?
I recommend getting as firm a mattress as you feel comfortable sleeping on. If I say get an ultra-firm mattress and you don’t feel comfortable on that and are having trouble sleeping, than that is not doing you any good at all. I do personally sleep on a Tempur-Pedic and I do endorse those to my patients, but I always tell them to try it before you buy it because if you are not comfortable than it won’t be of any help.

Do you recommend sleeping with a pillow between your legs?
I think that is very good if you are a side sleeper. It allows your hips Quick read more or view full article to assume a more neutral posture, which I think is an excellent way to sleep.

Do you have a recommend sleeping position?
Sleeping on your back is best. Sleeping in a fetal position on your side is 2nd best. Sleeping on your stomach is no good because you need to turn your head almost 90 degrees.

Are there daytime tips for work you can share?
Ergonomics are important. You want to make sure when you are sitting that your feet are on the floor and that your workstation is set up appropriately for you and your height. You should make sure that your keyboard is ergonomically set up and within reach and your chair height is proper with respect to your desk.

What is correct chair height?
It’s a system of ratios. Your arms should basically be at a 90-degree angle, resting on your chair. Your feet should be resting on the floor. If you are of shorter stature, perhaps a footrest under your desk might be better so you can rest your feet on that.

Are there some common activities that should be avoided?
It is different for each person. For some people, running can really stress their spine, and for some people, doing squats at the gym can really cause disc problems.

It is different for everybody and that’s why everyone should get an assessment so they can find where their strengths and weaknesses are. Having good posture is important.

If you have a kid and your kid is carrying a backpack to school, than that backpack should not exceed one-third of your child’s body weight. If you have a 50-pound kid and you put 20 pounds of books in that backpack, than that is going to trash his spine. Avoid stress. Keep good posture. Sleep with proper posture. All of these are important pieces in the puzzle.

The information in the article is not intended to substitute for the medical expertise and advice of your healthcare provider. We encourage you to discuss any decisions about treatment or care with an appropriate healthcare provider. Read Less

Whiplash, auto injury - minneapolis chiropractic

November 11, 2009
Auto Injuries:

According to the Insurance Research Council, nearly 1/3 of all claimants injured in motor vehicle accidents (MVA's) seek treatment from doctors of chiropractic. This is an impressive number given that the National Safety Council (NSC) has determined there to be more than 12 million MVA's annually involving
more than 20 million vehicles.

The reason individuals like yourself choose chiropractic care for treatment of injuries sustained in MVA's is simple - chiropractic care is exceptional in the treatment of soft tissue injuries, especially of the spine. Since the most common injuries associated with MVA's are sprains and strains of the spinal muscles and ligaments, it's only natural that chiropractic be the treatment of choice.
Many studies have also found individuals injured in MVA's prefer chiropractic care for the treatment of their injuries. One such study evaluated 190 whiplash injury victims and found those who received chiropractic care reported treatment satisfaction of 100%.

1.Balla Quick read more or view full article JI, Iansek R. Headaches arising from disorders of the cervical spine. In: Hopkins A, ed. Headache: Problems in Diagnosis and Management. London: WB Saunders; 1988.

Minimum Accident Speed to Cause Injury:

Minimum Accident Speed to Cause Injury:Studies involving live humans have demonstrated that a motor vehicle accident of as little as 5 mph can induce cervical (neck) injury. However, other studies have shown that cars can often withstand crashes of 10 mph or more without sustaining damage.
Motor vehicle accidents can result in a number of very diverse and complex injuries and symptoms. This is due to the diversity of factors involved with the each MVA - i.e. vectors of the collision, size of the vehicles involved in collision, preexisting health conditions of victims, age of victims, size and strength of victims, etc.


The Forwards-flexion and/or backwards-extension of the neck essentially
results in a soft tissue sprain/strain injury to the structures within the cervical
and upper thoracic spinal regions. When the initial impact occurs and the head
is forced in either excessive flexion or excessive extension, protective
reflexes cause the muscles of the neck to forcefully contract which "whips" the
head back in the opposite direction. The resulting injury often leads to
numerous symptoms, many of which are confusing and poorly understood.
Symptoms following a "whiplash" accident include:

  • neck pain, tenderness, achiness and stiffness
  • cervical muscle spasms
  • tenderness and nodules in superficial cervical musculature
  • cervical reduced range of motion
  • post-traumatic headaches (including migraine and muscle-tension headaches)
  • shoulder and interscapular pain
  • hand and finger pain, numbness and tingling
  • blurred vision
  • difficulty swallowing/feeling of lump in throat
  • dizziness and balance problems
  • lightheadedness
  • post-traumatic depression and cognitive problems


    Headaches are the second most common complaint following motor vehicle accidents (MVA's). Like the many other MVA symptoms, headache may not be present immediately following the accident and may take several weeks and often months to eventually surface.

    Most post-traumatic headaches are thought to originate from the soft tissues and facet joints of the neck as well as injury or irritation to the nerves of the upper cervical spine.

    Back Pain:

    In addition to whiplash/neck pain and injuries, the mid and lower back are also frequently injured in motor vehicle accidents (MVA's).

    Mid Back Pain:

    The mid back or thoracic spine is most commonly injured as a result of the asymmetry of most seat belt designs. As the torso moves forward the seat belt locks and the torso is forced to stop at the end of the shoulder strap. Because the shoulder strap crosses only one shoulder (usually the left), the side without a strap (usually right) is able to travel forward further which results in a forward flexing and twisting injury to the mid back.

    Lower Back Pain:

    The lumbar spine is also frequently injured, but the mechanism differs from the above. As the torso and pelvis move forward the pelvis is stopped by the lap belt. However, the torso continues to move forward which producing a shearing force in the lumbar spine. These injuries often result in lumbar disc injuries.

    Chiropractic care is a safe, natural, noninvasive, and addresses the cause of the symptoms. Our treatments also include active patient participation, and in some cases, lifestyle modifications. While we do focus on eliminating pain early on, we realize that in addition to pain - optimal tissue healing, restoration of normal function, and prevention of future recurrences and reinjuries - are equally important.

    Our treatments at Lyn Lake Chiropractic are highlighted by our use of many gentle and highly effective spinal adjustive techniques. When used properly, these techniques allow us to safely and effectively reduce pain levels, reduce muscles spasms, eliminate inflammation, restore normal joint motion and biomechanics, prevent or minimize degenerative processes, and minimize the likelihood of future recurrences.

    We also incorporate many natural and safe adjunctive therapies into our treatment plan to further assist in the healing process. Some common adjunctive therapies include ice therapy, heat therapy, physical therapies like therapeutic ultrasound and muscle stimulation, spinal traction, soft tissue mobilization, spinal exercises and stretches, and nutritional supplementation.

    Don't Delay! Call Today!

    If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident, call (or have them call) our office immediately. The quicker you receive the care you need, the quicker your injuries will heal and the faster you can get on with your life. Don't delay, call today! Lyn Lake Chiropractic 612-879-8000 Read Less
  • Lyn Lake Chiropractic supports Team Minnesota USA

    October 31, 2009
    Our patients at Lyn Lake Chiropractic in Minneapolis Minnesota would like to ask everyone to cheer our guys on in the NYC marathon...Good Luck Team USA

    Jason Lehmkuhle, Josh Moen to Compete at USA Men's Marathon Championship in New York City on Nov. 1

    Minneapolis/St. Paul - Oct. 28, 2009 - Team USA Minnesota's Jason Lehmkuhle and Josh Moen will be among the competitors at the USA Men's Marathon Championship hosted by the ING New York City Marathon on Nov. 1. The two will be part of a deep American field contesting the national marathon along with some of the world's best international marathoners who will be in the mix for the open prize purse and overall title. Between the open division for men and women and the USA Championship division and other awards, the prize money purse totals $800,000 for the 40th running of the New York City Marathon.

    Lehmkuhle's credentials include Quick read more or view full article a fifth place finish at the U.S. Men's Olympic Marathon Trials held in New York's Central Park in November 2007 followed by an eighth place finish at the ING New York City Marathon in 2008. He has a best in the distance of 2:12:54. This fall, Lehmkuhle placed third at the USA 20k Championships on Labor Day in a personal best time of 59:04, placed second at the Cow Harbor 10k in 29:18, and was fourth at the USA Men's 10 Mile Championship in a personal best of 47:16.

    "I've run three races this fall and they have all gone very well with new PRs at 20k and 10 miles," said Lehmkuhle. "These fast races are certainly a positive indicator, but, in my experience, good races at shorter distances are certainly no guarantee of marathon success. My training has been very good during this buildup. Generally, the marathon-specific workouts have been on par with my best ever.

    "This year's ING New York City Marathon is probably the deepest American field since the 2007 Olympic Marathon Trials and definitely the most competitive marathon field top to bottom that I have ever run in. It's exciting to be part of. I think I can run in the 2:11 to 2:12 range in New York and I'm going to focus on that. The goal for me in a marathon this top-heavy is to run a smart race, finish well over the last four miles and, in the process, maybe run down a few guys who should beat me on paper."

    Moen will be running in his second marathon at the New York Championship, having run his first at the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon in 2008 in a race that was marked by heavy rain and wind. His time was 2:23:16. During 2009, Moen has continually improved, setting personal bests in the 5000 and 10,000 meters on the track of 13:35.73 and 28:26.26 respectively. On the roads, he was sixth at the USA 7 Mile Championships in July and second at the USA Men's 10 Mile Championship on Oct. 4 in a personal best time of 46:38. In addition, this fall Moen won the Victory 10k and the Run for Oromia 5k, both in Minneapolis.

    "My training this year for the marathon has been different in that I've done more racing and actually done less work than in the past," said Moen, who joined Team USA Minnesota in August 2008. "This has made my legs feel fresher and given me more of a pop in my stride. Jason and I have been doing the harder workouts together.

    "I think New York will go very well. I'm not sure how well but it's going to be good. I want to run competitively to the end in the U.S. Championship. Jason has given me some insights from his experience at New York. I'm expecting Manhattan to be the point where I need to relax and not be fueled too much by the crowds as there will still be nine miles to go."

    NBC Sports will televise the 40th running of the ING New York City Marathon on Nov. 1 at 2 p.m. (Eastern) in a two-hour tape delay coverage. The women's professional field starts at 9:10 a.m., the men's championship and open field begins at 9:40, followed by a wave of runners at 10:00 and at 10:20. A record field of more than 40,000 runners from around the globe will take to the streets of New York. The 26.2-mile race will be seen by 2.5 million spectators lined along the route as runners pace through New York City's five boroughs -Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Manhattan, and finish at Tavern on the Green in Central Park. Read Less

    Minneapolis Chiropractor- Pain Relief for whiplash

    October 27, 2009
    Minneapolis Chiropractor Provides Pain Relief for Whiplash & Other; Car Accident Injuries

    WEBWIRE – Monday, October 26, 2009

    Citizens of Minnesota no longer have to live with the pain of whiplash symptoms. Lyn Lake Chiropractic, a state-of-the-art Minneapolis Chiropractic clinic, has over the years developed highly-specialized knowledge and experience in healing patients of whiplash.

    With a staff of professional and experienced Minneapolis chiropractors led by Dr. Kevin Schreifels and Dr. Jill Field, Lyn Lake Chiropractic operates on the notion that life is motion and that you cannot let things like whiplash injuries hinder you from going ahead and doing what you love.

    Whiplash injuries, which are commonly caused by car accidents, are different from other types of injuries. Whiplash symptoms usually take some time before they begin to manifest themselves and when they do appear they usually take the form of neck pain, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain, headaches, upper back and shoulder pain, lower back Quick read more or view full article pain, and fatigue.

    Chiropractic is known to be a very effective long-term treatment for this unique type of injury. The chiropractors at Lyn Lake use a special combination of manual spinal manipulation, massage therapy, trigger point therapy, exercise rehabilitation, and other soft tissue rehabilitation modalities to restore the patient's health and mobility.

    Ben, a Certified Personal Trainer, relates his experience for whiplash treatment at Lyn Lake: "They gave me the full treatment at Lyn Lake Chiropractic for my whiplash auto injury. They gave me adjustments, massage, ultrasound, laser treatment, traction, and a great rehab program which helped my body finally returned to me as it was before my car accident."

    Ben was not only happy with the high quality of chiropractic treatment he received from Lyn Lake, he was also thankful for the way the clinic's staff treated him personally, saying, "The amount of energy the staff, Dr Kevin Schreifels, and Dr Jill Field gave me was outstanding. The loft-like clinic is great and had a caring atmosphere. They made me feel like a family member, they cared about how I was doing and if I was getting better."

    Lyn Lake also offers other services, such as chiropractic for children and the elderly, chiropractic for pregnant women, treatments for headaches, running injuries, sports injuries, and other special add-on services such as nutritional counseling, lifestyle advice, and massage therapy.

    Lyn Lake Chiropractic is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and the Official Chiropractors of the Twin Cities Marathon.

    To schedule a free consultation, call the clinic's 24-hour answering service at (612)879-8000 or visit Lyn Lake Chiropractic at 2937 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis MN. The clinic also accepts walk-ins and "just driving by" appointments.

    For more information about Lyn Lake Chiropractic visit  Read Less

    Lyn Lake Chiropractic wants you to be safe - snow!

    October 18, 2009
    Snow Shoveling Safely
    Tips On Proper Technique And Precautionary Measures

    Winer is coming so we at Lyn Lake Chiropractic thought we'd send out a blog on shoveling safety:

    Be careful, because all that beautiful white snow can be deadly. Heart attacks, back strain and muscle soreness are just a few of the problems attributed to shoveling snow.

    If you shovel for 30 minutes, you'll clear away 200 calories along with the snow. Snow shoveling is very demanding on the body. Typical winter conditions (a little more than an inch of snowfall and temperatures that dip below 20 degrees) cause death rates from heart attacks to triple among men 35 to 49 years old. Shoveling snow can be very dangerous if the right precautions aren't taken.

    What makes shoveling more dangerous than other average tasks around the house is the temperature. Your heart rate and blood pressure increase during strenuous activity. That, coupled with the body's Quick read more or view full article natural reflex to constrict arteries and blood vessels when exposed to the cold, is a recipe for a heart attack.

    Snow shoveling can certainly be good exercise. But there are certain higher risk groups who should think twice before picking up that shovel.

    If you've ever had a heart attack, if you have heart disease, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, you probably don't want to do the shoveling yourself. At the very least, you should consult your doctor before attempting it.

    Smokers may want to resort to that snow blower - and certainly you should never smoke while shoveling. Tobacco smoke constricts blood vessels just as cold air does; the combination can be dangerous.

    And if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you could be putting yourself at risk. You don't want very strenuous snow shoveling to be the only thing you've gotten off the couch for in a month. It's definitely something that needs to be worked up to.

    Here are some tips to make shoveling safer:

    Always remember to dress warmly. You may be working up a sweat, but that doesn't mean you're immune to the effects of the cold.

    Don't feel you need to get the whole driveway cleared in one shot. Take breaks every 15 minutes.

    Go inside for some hot chocolate, but don't drink coffee. The caffeine may increase your heart rate and cause your blood vessels to constrict, just like smoking does.

    Keep hydrated. Drink plenty of water.

    And most importantly, know the warning signs of a heart attack. These may include chest pain, shoulder, neck or arm pain; dizziness, fainting, sweating or nausea; or shortness of breath. And if you think you're having a heart attack, seek medical help immediately.

    When shoveling, it's important to avoid back strain. The average shovel (loaded with 16 pounds of snow) ends up moving 192 pounds of snow, if you load your shovel about 12 times a minute. That's almost 2,000 pounds being lifted in just over 10 minutes!

    Here is how to shovel properly:
    Lift with your legs, not your back. Bend your knees and keep your back as straight as possible so that the lifting comes from your leg muscles, not your back. Never bend at the waist. Step in the direction that you're throwing snow. This will help prevent the lower back from twisting and will help alleviate any lower back pain soreness that you might typically experience the day after a hard shoveling job.
    Create some distance between the hands. This will give you more leverage and make it easier to lift snow.
    Pick up smaller loads of snow. It's best to shovel by sections. If you're shoveling deep snow (a foot or more), take it easy and shovel two or three inches off at a time.
    Do push. Don't lift. Save your back and your energy by simply pushing the snow to the side instead of lifting the snow and throwing it off to the side.
    If you have any slight pain in your back, the quicker you get into our chiropractic clinic the faster you can get back out there shoveling pain free. Lyn Lake Chiropractic located in minneapolis offer free consultations. Read Less

    Neck Pain, whiplash, Lyn Lake Chiropractic

    October 9, 2009
    Neck Pain, whiplash and Chiropractic: Conservative Care of Cervical Pain, Injury and treatment at Lyn Lake Chiropractic

    Your neck, also called the cervical spine, begins at the base of the skull and contains seven small vertebrae. Incredibly, the cervical spine supports the full weight of your head, which is on average about 12 pounds. While the cervical spine can move your head in nearly every direction, this flexibility makes the neck very susceptible to pain and injury.

    The neck's susceptibility to injury is due in part to biomechanics. Activities and events that affect cervical biomechanics include extended sitting, repetitive movement, accidents, falls and blows to the body or head, normal aging, and everyday wear and tear. Neck pain can be very bothersome, and it can have a variety of causes.

    Here are some of the most typical causes of neck pain:

    Injury and whiplash due to Auto Accident Injury: A sudden forced movement Quick read more or view full article of the head or neck in any direction and the resulting "rebound" in the opposite direction is known as whiplash. The sudden "whipping" motion injures the surrounding and supporting tissues of the neck and head. Muscles react by tightening and contracting, creating muscle fatigue, which can result in pain and stiffness. Severe whiplash can also be associated with injury to the intervertebral joints, discs, ligaments, muscles, and nerve roots. Car accidents are the most common cause of whiplash.

    Growing Older: Degenerative disorders such as osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, and degenerative disc disease directly affect the spine.
  •     Osteoarthritis, a common joint disorder, causes progressive deterioration of cartilage. The body reacts by forming bone spurs that affect joint motion.
  •     Spinal stenosis causes the small nerve passageways in the vertebrae to narrow, compressing and trapping nerve roots. Stenosis may cause neck, shoulder, and arm pain, as well as numbness, when these nerves are unable to function normally.
  •     Degenerative disc disease can cause reduction in the elasticity and height of intervertebral discs. Over time, a disc may bulge or herniate, causing tingling, numbness, and pain that runs into the arm.

    Daily Life: Poor posture, obesity, and weak abdominal muscles often disrupt spinal balance, causing the neck to bend forward to compensate. Stress and emotional tension can cause muscles to tighten and contract, resulting in pain and stiffness. Postural stress can contribute to chronic neck pain with symptoms extending into the upper back and the arms.
    Chiropractic Care of Neck Pain?During your visit, Lyn Lake Chiropractic will perform exams to locate the source of your pain and will ask you questions about your current symptoms and remedies you may have already tried. For example:
  •     When did the pain start?
  •     What have you done for your neck pain?
  •     Does the pain radiate or travel to other parts of your body?
  •     Does anything reduce the pain or make it worse?

    Chiropractors at Lyn Lake Chiropractic  in Minneapolis MN will also do physical and neurological exams. In the physical exam, your doctor will observe your posture, range of motion, and physical condition, noting movement that causes pain. Your doctor will feel your spine, note its curvature and alignment, and feel for muscle spasm. A check of your shoulder area is also in order. During the neurological exam, your doctor will test your reflexes, muscle strength, other nerve changes, and pain spread.

    In some instances, the chiropractor might order tests to help diagnose your condition. Our Digital
    x-rays can show narrowed disc space, fractures, bone spurs, or arthritis. A computerized axial tomography scan (a CT or CAT scan) or a magnetic resonance imaging test (an MRI) can show bulging discs and herniations. If nerve damage is suspected, your doctor may order a special test called electromyography (an EMG) to measure how quickly your nerves respond.

    Lyn Lake Chiropractic are conservative care doctors; their scope of practice does not include the use of drugs or surgery. If your chiropractor diagnoses a condition outside of this conservative scope, such as a neck fracture or an indication of an organic disease, we will refer you to the appropriate medical physician or specialist. He or she may also ask for permission to inform your family physician of the care you are receiving to ensure that your chiropractic care and medical care are properly coordinated.

    Neck Adjustments:  A neck adjustment (also known as a cervical manipulation) is a precise procedure applied to the joints of the neck, usually by hand. A neck adjustment works to improve the mobility of the spine and to restore range of motion; it can also increase movement of the adjoining muscles. Patients typically notice an improved ability to turn and tilt the head, and a reduction of pain, soreness, and stiffness.

    Of course, our Lyn Lake Chiropractic chiropractors will develop a program of care that may combine more than one type of treatment, depending on your personal needs. In addition to manipulation, the treatment plan may include mobilization, massage or rehabilitative exercises, or something else.

    Research Supporting Chiropractic Care:  ?One of the most recent reviews of scientific literature found evidence that patients with chronic neck pain enrolled in clinical trials reported significant improvement following chiropractic spinal manipulation.

    As part of the literature review, published in the March/April 2007 issue of the Journal of?Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, the researchers reviewed nine previously published trials and found "high-quality evidence" that patients with chronic neck pain showed significant pain-level improvements following spinal manipulation. No trial group was reported as having remained unchanged, and all groups showed positive changes up to 12 weeks post-treatment. Read Less
  • Lyn Lake Chiropractic - Sports Medicine Article

    September 20, 2009

    Lyn Lake Chiropractic cares for professional athletes, those striving
    for personal goals, and dedicated fans. Dr. Schreifels and Dr. Field are
    avid marathon runners who understand the need for chiropractic care
    as it relates to staying healthy in the quest to achieve personal goals.
    They provide comprehensive care for the patient's entire body - knees,
    hips, elbows, back - to find the pain's cause and to let the patient return
    to enjoying their life. They also specialize in auto injuries,
    bulging/herniated discs, headaches, low back pain, and sciatica.

    They are the Official Chiropractors of the Medtronic Twin Cities
    Marathon, work with Team USA Minnesota Athletes, and provide
    care and injury prevention seminars to numerous running groups
    around the Twin Cities.

    Staff includes certified personal trainers and massage therapists to
    assist in rehab and injury prevention. Modalities utilized include
    ultrasound, cold laser therapy, EMS, and Game Ready Quick read more or view full article Icing system. Read Less

    Lyn Lake Chiropractic adjusting during pregnancy

    September 13, 2009
    During pregnancy, a woman's center of gravity shifts forward to the front of her pelvis. This additional weight in front, causes stress to the joints of the pelvis and low back. As the baby grows in size, the added weight causes the curvature of her lower back to increase, placing extra stress on the fragile facet joints on the back side of the spine. Any pre-existing problems in a woman's spine tend to be exacerbated as the spine and pelvis become overtaxed, often leading to pain and difficulty performing normal daily activities.

    Studies have found that about half of all expectant mothers develop low back pain, hip pain at some point during their pregnancies. This is especially true during the third trimester when the baby's body gains the most weight. Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy can relieve and even prevent the pain and discomfort frequently experienced in pregnancy, and creates an environment Quick read more or view full article for an easier, safer delivery. Our Minneapolis chiropractors at Lyn Lake Chiropractic have not only the extensive training but has the personal experience with adjusting during pregnancy.

    It is one safe and effective way to help the spine and pelvis cope with the rapid increase in physical stress by restoring a state of balance. In fact, most women have found that chiropractic care helped them avoid the use of pain medications during their pregnancy, and studies have shown that chiropractic adjustments help to reduce time in labor.

    Lyn Lake Chiropractic should be your partner for a healthy pregnancy. We can provide adjustments, as well as offer nutritional, ergonomic and exercise advice to help address your special needs.

    Chiropractic tips for pregnant women:
    Be sure to get adjusted regularly. Chiropractic care is important to help maintain a healthy skeletal structure and nervous system function throughout a pregnancy and childbirth.

    * Do some gentle exercise each day. Walking, swimming, or stationary cycling are relatively safe cardiovascular exercises for pregnant women.
    * Avoid any activities that involve jerking or bouncing movements.
    ** Stop exercise immediately if you notice any unusual symptom, such as nausea, dizziness or weakness.
    * Wear flat shoes with arch supports. Your feet become more susceptible to injury during pregnancy, partially due to a rapidly increasing body weight, but also because the ligaments that support the feet become more lax. Some patients feel the have daily plantar fasciitis pain.
    * When picking up children, bend from the knees, not the waist. Your low back is much more prone to injury during pregnancy.
    .* Take a prenatal vitamin with at least 400 micrograms of folic acid every day; 800 micrograms is even better. Folic acid has been shown to dramatically reduce the risk of neural tube defects in a developing fetus. Be sure to check with your doctor before taking any vitamin or herbal supplement to make sure it's safe for you and the baby.
    My wife had the low back pain issues with all 3 little girls. We noticed once a week in her third trimester helped a great deal. Our O.B told us he was amazed after each birth that the labor went really smooth and he felt the adjustments helped her hips to be relaxed allowing the birth canal evenly relaxed, that’s all the research I needed. Getting adjusted does help and I continue to have patients that do get adjusted during their pregnancies tell me the same thing. That the birthing process was smooth and less stress on the mother and baby. Give Lyn Lake Chiropractic a call for a consultation. Read Less

    Plantar Fasciitis, Lyn Lake Chiropractic helps

    September 5, 2009
    Pain in my foot and heel? aka Plantar Fasciitis

    What cause Plantar Fasciitis? Most runners have seem to at one time or another complain of feet/foot pain.

    What causes Plantar Fasciitis is not well understood. It probably develops as the result of repeated small tears in the plantar fascia (bottom of your foot) When you walk, your plantar fascia stretches as your foot strikes the ground. If the plantar fascia is strained by the way you walk or run the repeated stress, it can become weak, swollen, and irritated inflamed and it can hurt when you stand, run or walk.
    Conditions or activities that may lead to pain on bottom of your foot. Factors that affect how the feet work (biomechanical factors). These include abnormal inward twisting or rolling of the foot, pronation high arches, flat feet, tight calf muscles, or tight tendons at the back of the heel (Achilles tendons). Excessive pronation Quick read more or view full article is a common cause of plantar fasciitis.
  • Repetitive activities, such as prolonged walking or standing and/or running.
  • Factors that put extra stress on the feet, such as being overweight or wearing shoes that are poorly cushioned, don't fit well, or are worn out.
  • The natural process of aging. Plantar fasciitis is most common in middle-aged adults. Which cause pain on the bottom of your foot.

    The classic symptom of plantar fasciitis is heel pain when you take your first steps after getting out of bed or after sitting for a long period of time. You may also have:
  • Stiffness and pain in foot in the morning or after resting that gets better after a few steps but gets worse as the day progresses.
  • Pain that gets worse when you climb stairs or stand on your toes.
  • Pain after you stand for long periods.
  • Pain at the beginning of exercise that gets better or goes away as exercise continues but returns when exercise is completed, such as running.

    Treatment for plantar fasciitis at Lyn Lake Chiropractic by our minneapolis chiropractor:
  • Relieve inflammation and pain in the heel and foot, or feet. Allow small tears in the plantar fascia ligament to heal. At Lyn Lake Chiropractic we see and treated many plantar fasciitis pain, foot pain. Being the minneapolis chiropractic clinic and being the Official Chiropractor of The Medtronics Twin Cities Marathon we have to be able to deal, heal and relieve our runners from their plantar fasciitis pain

  • Our Treatment plan includes but not limited to Massage, A.R.T., Graston technique, ultrasound, laser treatment, Kinesio Taping ( Taped touted for speed healing injured muscles and athletic injuries.) adjustments to your feet to make sure your bones in your feet are working properly.

    We also like to do a gait analysis to make sure your in the correct running shoes if your a runner.
    The minneapolis chiropractors and being avid runners, we have had to deal with foot pain from time to time. But with the proper treatment we seem to continue running marathons. Healing time always depends on how long you had the pain and if your aggressive in your treatment. If you don't call Lyn Lake Chiropracic please seek medical advice right away when you start having ( foot pain )these symptoms. Rest is always the best advice, but most runners don't feel they have time not to run and want to heal fast. Call us at 612-879-8000 Lyn Lake Chiropractic located in uptown minneapolis. Read Less
    Posted by Dr Kevin Schreifels
  • Did you know we now have five Lyn Lake Chiropractic locations? If you're on the North side of Minneapolis, look us up! Or in the St Paul area, check us out!