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Kare 11 News Snow adding injury to insult

February 21, 2011
Snow adding injury to insult in Twin Cities

Kare 11 News: Report on 2/21/2011

MINNEAPOLIS -- Through all the snow that started Sunday morning, the accidents aren't just happening on the roads.

One hospital alone reported treating some 75 patients since Sunday due to snow-related mishaps. Those in the emergency room at Regions Hospital are seeing back injuries, heart attacks, frosbite and a whole lot more.

If you found yourself digging out, you're in good company, and a lot of company as well.

Shoveling can be an exhausting task, and considering the density of the snow, a back-breaking one at that. While every inch means that much more to shovel, it also means more weather related injuries.

"We've seen about 60 patients in the last 24 hours. Since the snowstorm started, we've seen a lot of injuries to the extremities, we've seen fractures, dislocations. Sprains is the majority of what we're seeing," said Andrew Zinkel, a Quick read more or view full article doctor with Health Partners Medical Group.

At Hennepin County Medical Center, they've received 23 patients to the emergency room with injuries from falls, frostbite, back pain, shoulder pain, cold exposure, hip pain, arm pain, knee pain, abrasions and head lacerations.

Visits to Lyn Lake Chiropractic heated up, literally.

"A lot of people coming in with shoveling injuries, whether it's low back and neck, sore arms and shoulders, hips, anything where people aren't used to getting out and shoveling every day," said a worker at the clinic.

Most people's muscles just aren't prepared for all of the twisting and the turning, not to mention the weight.

And while this may be the heaviest to date, despite our hopes, it's likely not the last considering we have to contend with March.

If your having any low back pain, neck pain, arm pain from shoveling give
Lyn lake Chiropractic a call at 612-879-8000 Read Less

Jason Lehmkuhle Wins Road Race - First American

February 20, 2011
Lyn Lake Chiropractic want to brag and scream out a Congratulations to Jason. Just ask Jason if chiropractic and getting adjusted on a regular basis pays off!!

Great Job Team USA and Jason!!!! Proud of you!!!

Jason Lehmkuhle won a tight sprint finish over Team NTT Nishi Nihon's Toyoyuki Abe at the 2011 Ome 30 km Road Race to become the first American to win the prestigious race since Greg Meyer's 1983 victory. Lehmkuhle was aggressive throughout the race, leading the field of over 15000 through the early kilometers and remaining at the head of the pack over the difficult ups and downs through the middle 20 km.

The pack, initially nine-strong, whittled down to a core of five by halfway. With roughly 5 km to go Lehmkuhle surged, first dropping eventual 4th-placer Atsushi Ikawa (Team Otsuka Seiyaku), then frequent leader Ryotaro Nitta (Team Konica Minolta). Local boy Daisuke Shimizu (Team Kanebo) was Quick read more or view full article the next to fall, leaving only Abe at Lehmkuhle's side. The pair rounded the final righthand corner together with Lehmkuhle on the inside, and in the last sprint to the finish Lehmuhle emerged a step ahead in 1:32:08 to take the win over Abe's 1:32:09. Shimizu hung on to 3rd in 1:33:15 with Ikawa just behind after having overtaken a fading Nitta.

Marathon great Hiromi Ominami (Yutic AC), running Ome as a tuneup for next month's Nagoya International Women's Marathon, won the women's race unchallenged in 1:46:27. Saori Makishima (Canon AC Kyushu), paced by her coach, 2:09:11 marathoner Akira Shimizu, was 2nd, with veteran Yoshimi Hoshino (eAthletes Shizuoka AC) 3rd. Read Less

Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon More 1/3 full

February 12, 2011

Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Field More Than One-Third Full

What: A little over a week after registration for the 30th running of the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon opened, the marathon field approaches 4000 registered runners.

Who: Runners from across the country and around the world

Where: Online at

When: Registration opened February 2, 2011 and will close when the field reaches 11,200

(Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon takes place on October 2)

Twin Cities In Motion, is the non-profit organization that organizes running events throughout the year, including the Valentine’s Day TC 5K, 100% Irish For A Day TC 5K & TC 10 Mile, Medtronic TC 1 Mile, Red, White & Boom! TC Half Marathon, Twins Territory 4K, TC 5K, TC 10K & Medtronic TC Family Events, Medtronic TC 10 Mile, Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon, and the Medtronic TC Kids Marathon program and related events, as a Quick read more or view full article community service for the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Visit for more information. Read Less

#1 with Minneapolis Police Department

February 5, 2011

Dr. Kevin Schreifels - Dan Casper came in again just ahead of me in 7:02 for Top Fireman and #1 overall --- Congrats to Minneapolis Fire Department on a great win!

Voss is Top Cop again – Minneapolis Police Department, with the #2 overall in 7:21.

David Voss #1 with Minneapolis Police Department.

I proudly represented my fabulous sponsor Lyn Lake Chiropractic and in fact I had a Ms. Cathy Anderson? or something like that as a teacher from Minneapolis. She came up to me after the race and said she had just seen you at Lyn Lake Chiropractic and she loves you guys (who doesn't?)

Thank you again for sponsoring me. Handshakes and Hugs,

Dave Voss

The Challenge:
The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is proud to announce its 30th year of going vertical to defeat cystic fibrosis. Help us make CF Quick read more or view full article stand for Cure Found by recruiting your friends, family, colleagues and neighbors to join us at the Climb for a Cure.

The Goal:
The goal: 1280 Steps. 50 Floors. 1 Cure.

Cystic fibrosis (CF) s a life shortening, genetic disease affecting approximately 30,000 children and young adults in the US. A defective gene causes the body to produce an abnormally think, sticky substance in the lungs and digestive system that hinders the body's ability to breathe and absorb nutrients. Currently, there is no cure. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is aggressively pursuing a cure for CF by efficiently investing in cutting edge, life saving science.

Thanks to all the athletes and volunteers for helping a great fundraiser this year. Read Less

Website to Better Serve Minneapolis, MN

February 3, 2011
Lyn Lake Chiropractic Launches New Website to Better Serve Minneapolis, MN

Lyn Lake Chiropractic announces the launch of their new Minneapolis, MN Website. With improved functionality, additional information and more interactive features, they hope to better serve their patients and provide them with the resources they need to make informed decisions regarding their health and wellness.

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) February 3, 2011

Lyn Lake Chiropractic has launched a new Website to better serve the Minneapolis, MN community and their patients. In addition to providing helpful information on common chiropractic injuries and treatments, the updated site features a regularly maintained blog, FAQ section and links to resourceful articles.

For over ten years, the chiropractors at Lyn Lake have been committed to providing breakthrough pain treatment. Their goal is to relieve pain and discomfort and help patients maintain a comfortable, productive and healthy lifestyle. From chronic back and neck pain, to whiplash and auto accident Quick read more or view full article injuries, they utilize cutting edge technology and techniques to help patients achieve maximum results.

“We have always strived to stay up to date with the best technology and practices in our industry,” says Dr. Kevin Schreifels, Doctor of Chiropractic and owner of Lyn Lake Chiropractic. “We see the new site as a way for us to better explain some of the common sources of pain that people experience as well as answer many of the questions they may have before they visit the clinic.”

In addition to being informative, now offers links to their Twitter, Facebook and YouTube profiles. “We want to provide our patients with as much information as possible, in the format that they prefer.

Whether they want to post on our Facebook page, or ask us a question through our Online form, we believe that it’s important to provide a means for a two-way interaction,” says Schreifels. “We would love the opportunity to treat the people who visit the site. But ultimately, we want to provide the community with a resource to help them make informed decisions about their health."

Lyn Lake Chiropractic clinic has a talented team of experienced chiropractors, massage therapists and personal trainers. They also offer a breadth of other services such as chiropractic for children and the elderly, chiropractic for pregnant women, treatments for headaches, running injuries, sports injuries, and other special add-on services such as nutritional counseling, lifestyle advice, and massage therapy.

To schedule your free consultation call the clinic’s 24-hour answering service at (612) 879-8000 or visit Lyn Lake Chiropractic at 2937 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis MN. The clinic also accepts walk-ins and “just driving by” appointments.

For more information about Lyn Lake Chiropractic visit or take a virtual tour of the clinic at Read Less

Did you know we now have five Lyn Lake Chiropractic locations? If you're on the North side of Minneapolis, look us up! Or in the St Paul area, check us out!