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carpal tunnel syndrome

February 19, 2013
When numbness,tingling, and muscle weakness occur on the "thumb side" of the hand, carpal tunnel syndrome is usually suspected. This repetitive motion injury involving the hand and wrist is caused by pressure exerted on the median nerve, which runs through the "carpal tunnel" created by the hand. Chiropractors also know to look elsewhere to find the cause of symptoms. Specifically, the "brachial plexus" is a network of nerves that originates in the neck and shoulders and controls the hand, wrist, and elbow along with into the fingers. If there is pressure on any of these nerves, the result may cause symptoms similar to those of carpal tunnel syndrome due to pinching of the nerves.

Chiropractic can be of enormous benefit in treating carpal tunnel syndrome and similar wrist pain and hand pain.

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P.S. "referred pain" is pain experienced at a location in the body that is different form the site of the painful stimulus. Read Less

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