Whiplash- Lyn Lake Chiropractic Helped Me...

I had a bad car accident when someone decided not to stop at a stop light. The next thing I remembered I was in the emergency room being twisted, poked and x-rayed from my head to my toes due to my auto injury was causing me some pain. After all this, the ER gave me a couple of bottle of meds that was going to make me feel better and I should be fine in a couple of days. I know they gave me great care and made sure I was okay. They told me I have whiplash injuries and time will heal. Well I wasn't better with the medication, I felt I needed more.

The pain in my body, the whiplash - neck pain and low back pain just wasn't getting better. About a week or so later I decided to roll the dice, flipped a coin and used the internet and the winner was - Lyn Lake Chiropractic Clinic in Minneapolis. I google - Minneapolis Chiropractor and after reading all the local Minneapolis Chiropractic lists I then closed my eyes and picked - clicked ( whew!! ).

I'm into health and being a Certified Personal Trainer I tried to fix myself ( my neck pain, low back pain ) but I just couldn't get that pain to go away. They gave me the full treatment at Lyn Lake Chiropractic for my whiplash auto injury. They gave me adjustments, massage, ultrasound, laser treatment, traction and a great rehab program which helped my body finally returned to me as it was before my car accident. The amount of energy the staff, Dr Kevin Schreifels and Dr Jill Field gave me was outstanding. The loft like clinic is great and had a caring atmosphere. They made me feel like a family member, they cared about how I was doing and if I was getting better. As I sit here thinking I asked myself. Why I picked Lyn Lake Chiropractic for help? I guess it was the reviews and the fact they are endorsed by Twin Cities Marathon, BBB and all the extra toys they have on the website at www.lynlakechiropractic.com. I knew I needed more then just meds. I feel this Minneapolis Chiropractic Clinic known as Lyn Lake Chiropractic offers you a place where you feel they will give it all they have to help you.

One more thing, they had no problem sending me to see a medical doctor and a neurologist to make sure I was on the right path in my healing process. I told my friends that they sent me to see the medical doctor and they were floored. Hmm, I guess the chiropractors wanted to offer me all there is out there so I would get back to my - before auto accident body, no pain other than what I can do to myself by lifting weights and working out at the gym.

Thank you for asking me to write a testimony and sorry it is long, but I just like to write. I had a great experience with Lyn Lake Chiropractic.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome / wrist pain - Lyn Lake Chiropractic

Because I work in book keeping and auditing I was experiencing wrist pain and numbness in my hands from all the computer work.  I have done other things for the carpal tunnel syndrome (wrist pain) without improvement. I've tried those wrist braces from the drug store, pain medications, topical creams.. you name it I've tried it and had wrist pain daily. After my sister suggested I try a Minneapolis Chiropractor and she heard great things about Lyn Lake Chiropractic. I was reading the reviews on the web and decided to try chiropractic.

The chiropractors and staff at Lyn Lake Chiropractic helped me finally enjoy working again without severe wrist pain and hand pain.

Great job,


Knee Pain - Runners Knees. Lyn Lake Chiropractic kept me running!

I could hardly run because my knees would hurt so much, I was told I had runners knees. When I began getting the proper care at Lyn Lake Chiropractic, like adjusting my knees, Ultrasound, Laser Treatment and rehab. I can now run more than 3 miles without severe knee pain. I can't tell you how much I have appreciated Lyn Lake Chiropractic everyday I go for my runs. Keep me running!!!!


Low Back Pain - minneapolis chiropractor, Lyn Lake Chiropractic

With a history of problems due to herniated discs and degenerative arthritis, my back pain recently flared up again. Not wanting to go to the same chiropractor I had last seen about 2 years ago, I searched the web and found Lyn Lake Chiropractic. After reading up on this Minneapolis Chiropractic Clinic, I made an appt. It was the best decision. This is not your typical "crack-your-back" chiropractic treatment. After the first visit, I could feel the difference. I'm not sure if it was the adjustments, massage, traction and physiotherapy they provided me, but all I can say is:

I cannot believe I'm still feeling better at my age. I have to say, I was a little scared to go to a chiropractor due to my age. After reading this testimony and your still not going to get treated at Lyn Lake Chiropractic for your back pain. I would suggest chiropractic care to help with your back pain, it does help.


I was adjusted while I was pregnant and had a easier birth thanks to Lyn Lake Chiropractic.

I had so much low back pain and hip pain in my last trimester. I didn't know what to do, I could only use heat and didn't want to take any medications to lessen my low back pain. After seeking adjustments at Lyn Lake Chiropractic and those awesome massages I was able to sleep at night and continue what they call nesting, getting ready for my baby. I was adjusted while I was pregnant and had a easier birth thanks to Lyn Lake Chiropractic. Chiropractic did make my life much better. Just like to say, I still get adjusted when I feel any neck pain, back pain.


Shoulder Pain - After my bike accident I went to Lyn Lake Chiropractic for treatments.

I have been trying to lose weight this summer by biking on the Greenway in Minneapolis daily. I was doing so good and very proud of myself until my tire caught an edge on the bike path which caused me to fly over my handle bars. Ouch!! I ended up with shoulder pain and with the help of my helmet that was the only injury I ended up with. Thank God, I didn't break any bones but I was unable to bike since my shoulder pain didn't allow me to keep up my daily bike rides. I thought time would heal me, but I didn't want to gain all the weight I worked so hard to lose. Due to my high deductible with my health insurance I had to be smart in where I spent my money to fix my shoulder pain. I did have a auto accident years ago and had whiplash and had the pleasure of getting treated at Lyn Lake Chiropractic. I decided to give them a call to see if they worked on shoulders.

End of story - I was able to get back on my bike within a week or so after a few treatments for my shoulder pain. These Minneapolis chiropractors sped up my healing process faster than I thought was possible. After my bike accident I went to Lyn Lake Chiropractic for treatments which helped me a great deal. I'm still losing the weight and still biking everyday, wave at me if you see me on the Greenway Bike trails.


Lower Back Pain - Team Work

September of 2007 I began to experience severe lower back pain and muscle spasms. One event being so acute that I went to the emergency room where I was given Morphine and x-rays were taken that revealed nothing.  Over the next 8 months my lower back pain continued to worsen, exacerbated by the fact that I'm a bartender who works long hours on my feet and shake a lot of cocktails. The pain was really making work miserable. I went to my primary care physician and he gave me percocet and gave me a list of exercises that might help and also suggested yoga, massage, and physical therapy.  I did the first two and got accupuncture. Nothing was really helping though. after the new?year things got worse so I went back in to my doctor who increased my dosage of pain meds which were't helping. So I tried a physical therapist. She told me that I had some severe trauma to my back, and that my spine and pelvis were out of alignment which could be causing my low back pain.  Then right before I was supposed to leave on a trip, my back gave out alltogether and I was in the most excruciating lower back pain. I could barely walk.?
This is when I found Lyn Lake Chiropractic. I went in and they said that my back was pretty messed up confirming what the PT had told me.  We first decided to try conservative chiropractic care to see how I responded. I'm now getting adjusted and treated on a as needed basis and doing my stretching exercises. With the help of my primary doctor, the PT and my wonderful Minneapolis Chiropractors at Lyn Lake Chiropractic I feel I have a team working together.

I'm still water skiing pain free!!!!


Thank You, Lyn Lake Chriopractic

Lyn Lake Chiropractic and Staff,

Thank you so much for sponsoring a lane at Incredibowl for Avenues for Homeless Youth. It's a great organization that I am really proud of, your generosity is very much appreciated!! It is wonderful to have such a great chiropractic care and community minded as well!! Thank you Very Much.

Erin C.

Great time at Lyn Lake Chiropractic

Dr Kevin, Dr Jill and the Lyn lake family,

I want to thank you for the great experience that I had this summer at Lyn Lake Chiropractic. From day one I felt like I was part of the family, and was overwhelmed by everyone's efforts to make my experience a good one. I learned a lot during my time at Lyn Lake Chiropractic and I know that I'm not a better practitioner but a better person for it. Your generosity and willingness to help people has made me realize just how great our profession can be. Thanks again for the experience and I look forward to being your colleague.

Dr Jason Janssen

Running Injury - Lyn Lake Chiropractic

Praising the Lord..? for an INCREDIBLY generous chiropractor! I would honestly not have been able to run a half marathon without Dr. Kevin's help! The Lord provided so abundantly through him! I had bursitis in my knee the whole week before my race, but Dr. Kevin prepared and provided me with tools and advice on how to treat it best--making sure I'd have what I would need, really taking the time to truly care and help me beyond what would be simply sufficient.

I have nothing but deep gratitude for how he lives out his passion and calling, blessing others with the way he has been gifted himself! I would give Lyn Lake Chiropractic my highest recommendation.

Lindsay H.

Comments from Facebook:

You have reaffirmed my belief in chiropractors... 1 visit, that's all it took!
May 26 at 7:04pm

Cassaundra A. Thanks to the great staff at Lyn Lake for helping me get back on my feet after a severe calf muscle pull. I feel 1000% better.
May 21 at 7:18am

Michael H. Very knowledgable and professional. They are not only my doctors but also my friends. Great job everyone.
May 19 at 4:30pm 

Veronica S.. -Lyn Lake Chiropractic is awesome :) I just moved to MN and needed an adjustment badly. I couldn't swallow properly or turn my head. They were able to fit me in the same day that I called, and really took their time listening to my needs, and asking a lot of questions. They took a digital x ray of my neck (really interesting) hooked me up to stim, massaged me (so amazing) gave me the best adjustment of my life, stretched me out and sent me on my way feeling great. The atmosphere is very casual, which I loved and I felt comfortable with the staff they were knowledgeable, helpful, fun and honest. I would recommend Lyn Lake to anyone :)
Kris J. 

Competitive Runner

Like all runners who train seriously, I injure myself occasionally. Be it a strained muscle, tendonitis, a tear in a ligament, etc Dr. Jill Field and everyone at LynLake Chiropractic are there to get me back running as quickly as possible. As Dr. Jill Field is a runner herself she understands what it is like to not be able to run. Last winter I tore a ligament in my ankle while out running. Thanks to Dr. Jill's skills and the ultrasound and light/cold laser therapy at LynLake I was able to recover quickly and still P.R. (personal record performance) by the end of the indoor track season. The care at LynLake Chiropractic is outstanding. Thank you everyone at LynLake for everything you've done for me. Ben Merchant 4-15-09

Best Chiropractic Care for Runners

Best Chiropractic Care for Runners

by Klovey36 at Citysearch

Lyn Lake Chiropractic is the best clinic for runners hands down. I have been a patient of Dr. Kevin's for the last few years battling typical overuse injuries and have been impressed with the knowledge, speed of care and technique from all his staff.

But when I broke my foot four weeks ago, they surpassed all expectations. I limped in on a Friday morning, had an x-ray within 10 minutes at the clinic, suggesting 5th metatarsal fracture. Then Kevin took charge of my care - scheduled a MRI that morning and an ortho consult that afternoon and essentially created my treatment plan for me (thus giving me hope). For four weeks, I've been a regular frequent flyer for ice, stim, laser on the foot, ultrasound and massage on the achilles and the occasional alignment problems from walking with a boot.

I always knew Kevin and his team were talented. But the level of expertise, dedication and kindness combined with much needed humor have been instrumental to get me moving these past few weeks.

Thank you Lyn Lake Chiropractic.

Automobile accident in late August.

Try LynLake Chiropractic!!!

by PeaceLily03 at Citysearch

I highly recommend Lyn Lake Chiropractic. I got into an automobile accident in late August. The aftermath of the accident left me with neck, lower back, and knee injuries. I have been receiving phenomenal care from the Team at Lyn Lake. They are highly skilled, knowledgeable about the latest in treatment options, and genuinely care about each individuals recovery.

It is an upbeat environment. From the moment I called to book an appointment I was impressed with the sincere and friendly service on the other end of the line. Also, after my initial visit I received a hand written thank you card, which really impressed me. Lyn Lake goes the extra mile to making you feel special! Doctor Kevin is very personable and has a lot of energy himself. Like I said, it's positive environment, with a lot of positive energy flowing...and that goes to say for the positive healing, too!

Try Lyn Lake chiropractic and I guarantee you will notice the difference!

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