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Kare 11 News Snow adding injury to insult

February 21, 2011
Snow adding injury to insult in Twin Cities

Kare 11 News: Report on 2/21/2011

MINNEAPOLIS -- Through all the snow that started Sunday morning, the accidents aren't just happening on the roads.

One hospital alone reported treating some 75 patients since Sunday due to snow-related mishaps. Those in the emergency room at Regions Hospital are seeing back injuries, heart attacks, frosbite and a whole lot more.

If you found yourself digging out, you're in good company, and a lot of company as well.

Shoveling can be an exhausting task, and considering the density of the snow, a back-breaking one at that. While every inch means that much more to shovel, it also means more weather related injuries.

"We've seen about 60 patients in the last 24 hours. Since the snowstorm started, we've seen a lot of injuries to the extremities, we've seen fractures, dislocations. Sprains is the majority of what we're seeing," said Andrew Zinkel, a Quick read more or view full article doctor with Health Partners Medical Group.

At Hennepin County Medical Center, they've received 23 patients to the emergency room with injuries from falls, frostbite, back pain, shoulder pain, cold exposure, hip pain, arm pain, knee pain, abrasions and head lacerations.

Visits to Lyn Lake Chiropractic heated up, literally.

"A lot of people coming in with shoveling injuries, whether it's low back and neck, sore arms and shoulders, hips, anything where people aren't used to getting out and shoveling every day," said a worker at the clinic.

Most people's muscles just aren't prepared for all of the twisting and the turning, not to mention the weight.

And while this may be the heaviest to date, despite our hopes, it's likely not the last considering we have to contend with March.

If your having any low back pain, neck pain, arm pain from shoveling give
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