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Chiropractic Great for Expectant Mothers

October 27, 2015

Chiropractic Great for Expectant Mothers


Pregnancy is definitely a memorable time in a woman’s life. When you’re getting ready to welcome your precious little one into the world, feeling his or her tiny body growing inside of you, it can bring about excitement about the new life that is about to come. One way to make it even better is to come into our Minneapolis chiropractic office for regular spinal manipulations.

Research Confirms Chiropractic Benefits During Labor and Delivery

Various research studies have found that chiropractic care offers a lot of benefits for expectant mothers. Perhaps the most common one is relief from back pain often caused by the structural shifts in your body during pregnancy. In fact, approximately three-quarters of the expectant mothers who engage in chiropractic care during their pregnancy report experiencing relief after just a few treatment sessions.

Not only is this important for Quick read more or view full article a more pleasurable pregnancy, but relieving back pain is critical when you’re in labor as well. How? Women who have back pain during their pregnancy are three times more likely to have back labor, which refers to the intense back pain that some feel when giving birth. Thus, avoiding the pain while you’re carrying your child increases the likelihood that you will avoid it when delivering too.

Chiropractic Deemed Safe During Pregnancy

Of course, one of the top questions that a lot of pregnant women have when it comes to receiving chiropractic care, or any type of care for that matter, while expecting is whether or not it is safe. After all, it needs to be harmless for mother and baby alike. The good news is that it is.

Even the American Pregnancy Association endorses chiropractic for expectant mothers to help deal with common pregnancy issues such as increased back curvature, changes to the structure of the pelvis and posture, and sometimes nausea. Plus, since spinal manipulations open up the nerves to let the brain communicate effectively with the rest of the body, it allows all of your systems to function maximally, which means a healthier pregnancy and birth.

If you’re currently pregnant and want to make this time in your life as healthful and pain-free as possible, call Lyn Lake Chiropractic in Minneapolis and schedule a visit. Both you and your baby are our priorities!


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