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Sports Injury? See Your Minneapolis Chiropractor!

September 29, 2015

Want to Prevent or Treat a Sports Injury? See Your Minneapolis Chiropractor!


While having any type of injury is obviously no fun, sports injuries can seem ten times worse. This is largely because, in addition to the pain and aggravation they usually cause, sports injuries can also keep you from engaging in the one activity that makes you smile and brings you joy. 

So, preventing these types of injuries helps you live a happier life and one way to achieve that goal is to make (and keep) regular appointments with Lyn Lake Chiropractic, your Minneapolis chiropractor. How does chiropractic help you avoid sports injuries?

Chiropractic as a Sports Injury Preventative

The main reason chiropractic is such a great preventative for sports injuries is that keeping your spine aligned allows your brain to effectively communicate with the rest of your body via your central nervous system, which is housed in your spinal column. This means better muscle response, improved performance, and a whole host of other sports-related benefits in addition to fewer sports injuries.

In fact, research published in BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders confirms chiropractic’s injury prevention effect on the lower body. In this particular study, 59 semi-elite Australian Rules footballers were split into two groups. Both received medical and sports management, but only one (the intervention group) received sports chiropractic treatments—first weekly, then bi-weekly, then monthly—for a period of 7 ½ months.

Each athlete was assessed prior to the study, as well as at the end. Based on a comparison between the groups, researchers concluded that chiropractic helped lower the number of lower-limb injuries these elite athletes endured, primarily when it came to strains and non-contact knee injuries.

Chiropractic Also Beneficial Should An Injury Occur

Of course, in addition to chiropractic helping prevent sports injuries, it is also beneficial should an injury occur. That’s why an estimated one-third of all American NFL football teams have a chiropractor on staff with three-quarters of the teams having referred a player to a chiropractor, even if one wasn’t immediately available. 

The types of sports injuries that can often be treated with a visit or two to your Minneapolis chiropractor include: neck pain, headaches, sprains, knee injuries, tendonitis, shin splints, elbow injuries, and more.

To prevent or treat your sports injury, make an appointment with Lyn Lake Chiropractor today. We’re here to make all of our Minneapolis chiropractic patients feel better before, during, and after participating in their sport of choice!

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